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Are You Kind To Young Ladies & Women?

Dear Young Gentleman,

When I was a young girl, I used to watch my Dad hold doors open for women, mow their lawns, give items from his garden to elderly women, etc.  It was so wonderful to see how nicely my Dad treated women in general.  He said, “It’s not that they cannot hold a door open for themselves, it’s just respectful to show them that you honor women.”  My Dad also would not allow a woman to carry or move anything heavy in his presence.

So, my question to you this week is simple, do you show respect to girls and women?  Are you careful not to be rude to girls or women with the tone of your voice and the words that you use?  Do you call girls or women out of their names? Are you actions kind toward girls and women?

Being a gentleman really does go a long way despite the way our current society depicts women and the way some women depict themselves.  Women are not objects to be used for your own pleasure, they are living, thinking, human beings who are capable of loving and enriching your lives…………if you treat them correctly.


Use Your Intuition

Dear Young Ladies and Gentleman,

I remember when I was a young girl my Mom spent a lot of time and energy teaching me how to pray and how to listen and become sensitive to the voice of God.  As a child my Mom used to say, “If you are ever at school or out with friends and you get a feeling that you need to leave a place, then leave that place immediately.” As a kid, I thought that this was funny.  One day while in elementary school I was at school late and only a few people were in the school office, but all of the other kids and teachers had gone for the day.  I had a weird feeling, but I did not see anyone around, so I ignored the feeling.  As I was waiting on the side of the school a young boy from my class came up to me with a knife and tried to force me to do something. I distracted him for a minute and ran into the office and told the adults. He was taken to a detention center.  After this incident, I was so grateful that my Mom had given me the advice about using my intuition.

This week I want to remind you all that you too have intuition.  Some people call intuition your conscience.  Please do not ignore your intuition during this year, especially while at school, parties, the mall, or anywhere. If you are out somewhere and you get the feeling that you need to get out of that place, then follow that intuition because it could save your life.

Remember that I love you and I am always praying for you.


Draw A Line In the Sand

Dear Young Ladies and Young Men,

I know that we are living in ugly and difficult times, but in every generation before this one, ugly and vile things happened.  Our ancestors did not give up and did not give in.  Our ancestors fought the good fight of faith.

Despite what you hear, see, or feel please draw a line in the sand and determine that you will not go backward, but FORWARD.

Stay positive and keep fighting the good fight of faith!

Congrats!! Great Job!

Dear Young Ladies and Young Men,

As the school year (2013) comes to end, I hope that you reflect on the work that you have done this year.  You faced obstacles, time restraints, family issues, problems with friends, and many more issues, but you made it.  Are you proud of yourself?  You should be.  You did it!

For those of you who are graduating, I want to personally congratulate you for your hard work and perseverance.  As you move into the next phase of your life, remember to always set a new goal for yourself.  Make a plan of success. Find a mentor.  Find someone who you can be accountable to and who will talk to you on weekly or monthly basis to ensure that you stay on track towards you dreams and goal.

As always, I want you to know that I love you and I am praying for you.

Leave a comment and let us know what your next educational or career goal will be.

“Born 2 Be Campaign – 2013!”

Dear Young Ladies and Gentleman,

“The Virgin’s Island: Journey With Judith” is launching a fun new campaign to allow you all to talk about what you believe you were born to do in life.

For those who do not know what you were born to do, Judith will help you discover what you were born to do. Just hit the Ask Judith tab on the site and tell her that you are involved in the “Born 2 Be Campaign.”  Tell Judith that you need a little help discovering what you were born to do.

Tell your friends to leave a comment (a paragraph or less) on the site to discuss what you were born to do.  You could be chosen to be a guest co-host on “The Virgin’s Island Radio Show” as a guest co-host in the near future.

So, get started and tell us here on the site what you believe you were “Born 2 Be.”


Tune In To the Radio Show Version of This Blog Every Saturday Morning!

Tune into “The Virgin’s Island Radio Show” every Saturday morning by logging onto’sisland or by clicking the link below at 4:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time or 7:30 a.m. Easter Standard Time every Saturday.  Tired of hearing the same old bad news? Try listening to a radio show that cares enough to share valuable information.

This week we will allow tweens and teens to speak out about whatever is on their minds.

Do You Know How to Cook?

Dear Young Ladies and Gentleman,

When I was a kid I spent time cooking with my Mom and Dad.  It was a great time for bonding and it allowed me the opportunity to learn to cook the foods that I enjoy without having to rely on anyone else.

In today’s fast food society, it is even more important that you learn to cook.  Knowing how to cook will be helpful in college, when you move out on your own, and when you start families of your own.  If you want to understand and control your diet, it is a good idea to learn how to cook and prepare your own meals.  Also, do not be afraid to experiment with spices and seasonings.

Also, for those of you who enjoy science, cooking can help you to understand chemistry.  Chemistry and cooking are alike in that you learn quickly which foods, spices, fruits and vegetables can and cannot be paired together and why.  Some foods are alkaline and some foods are acidic.  Understanding food and learning to blend foods and spices can be fun and educational. Cooking is fun and has scientific appeal that everyone can enjoy.

Ask an adult to allow you to help them cook. If you are a young person who knows how to cook, leave a comment about who taught you how to cook. Also, tell me if you think that it’s important to know how to cook.

Remember, I love you and I am praying for you.


Emotions: The Ever-Changing Liars


Dear Young Ladies and Young Men:


Have you ever been completely excited about attending a new school, a new job, a new sport activity, or going on a vacation?  When you got to the event that you were so excited about, have your feelings ever changed and you wonder how they could change so drastically. especially about something that you were once so ecstatic about?  I have too!


From elementary school through college I had to fight my emotions vehemently. I had to learn very early that my emotions could not be relied on to make ANY decisions, they are just there to give me a barometer of how I feel at that moment.  As a kid until I became a young adult, I helped to care for my parents who were battling life-threatening illnesses.  Every day I was nervous about the possibility of losing my parents, but I always prayed that I would never see my fear realized.


These days my feelings often encourage me to quit school and work because I am tired and it seems that I am making very small progress if any.  My feelings tell me that other people do NOT bother to work towards achieving a doctoral degree, so why should I?  My feelings tell me that I am doing too much and for what?  After listening to that nonsense for a minute, I remind myself that becoming a doctor was my long-term goal since I was a kid.  I also remind myself that I do not live my life based on what others do or think. I have my own DESTINY to FULFILL.

So, this weeks letter is simply a reminder that you too have a DESTINY to FULFILL, so please do NOT allow feelings of low self-esteem, sexual feelings, angry feelings, hateful feelings, lazy feelings, tired feelings, confused feelings, or any other feelings to thwart you dynamic futures.


Remember that I love you and I am always praying for you.


Your Future Is Calling YOU!

Dear Young Ladies and Young Men:

I sincerely hope that life and your relationships have been treating you well. This week, I had the opportunity to spend time with some talented and beautiful young people. To me they have all the potential in the world to be successful.

Being in the presence of those young people inspired me to write this week’s letter. This week’s letter can be summed up in this quote:

“In your life as young people make decisions based on your futures and not just on your current situations.”

I think that you all will understand this quote perfectly, but feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think it means……or what this quote means to you personally.

Remember that I love you and that I am always praying for you.

Don’t forget to DREAM…..

Dear Young Ladies and Young Men,

This week my letter to you all is simple.  No matter what life brings your way, NEVER stop dreaming.  Dreaming can increase your sense of hope and hope can give you the strength to work toward your goal(s).

Feel free to leave a comment and share one thing that you dream about.

As always, remember that I love you and that I am always praying for you.


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