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You Are Successful!

Dear Young Ladies & Young Gentleman,

As you return to school, please remember that you can achieve your goals.  Keep success in the forefront of your mind and work hard and you will be successful in school. If you have a specific goal, remember that mentors can be very helpful.  Ask an adult in your field of interest to mentor you and that way, they can help you navigate more easily in the field of your interest.

You are a success person and student!  You have a wonderful future in front of you.

Remember that I love you and I am praying for you.


Pastor Dejon Jernagin

This week’s blog is a special one as I am highlighting a positive man in our community.  Pastor Dejon Jernagin is a Husband, Father, Pastor, and he is passionate about his work and his creative endeavors.  Please enjoy this wonderful interview!

Name: Pastor Dejon Jernagin

Occupation: Admission Rep for Kaplan College, Pastor Jernagin, Christian Comedian, Screen-Play and Comedy Writer.
Number of Years in Occupation: I have worked in education for 12 years.  I have been a licensed minister for 11 years.

(Judith)  What is your marital status? Do you have children? How has your role as a husband or father affected your career?

(Dejon)  I am married. I have 3 boys (6 yrs, 8 yrs, and 9 yrs). Being a husband and a father has helped my role because it makes me look at things from the right perspective.  I think about what I do, why I do it, and the time it is going to take.  Because I am raising Black men I look at things totally different for their sakes.

(Judith)  During your early years as a man, what were your goals? In the early years, how did you plan to achieve your goals?

(Dejon)  When I was a college basketball player, my goal was to reach the NBA.  I never thought that it was not going to happen.  I played and took odd jobs in basketball in order to reach my goal.

(Judith)  Did you face any hardships that tried to derail your goals? How did you handle the situation? What was your personal turning point?

(Dejon)  In my family alone I was the first to do a lot (i.e. go to college).  I dealt with things spiritually, so I have to give credit to God.  I leaned on brethren from church for support.  The brethren in the church communicated with me and listened to what I was going through as a young man.

(Judith)  As a man, what tools did you need to be successful?

(Dejon)  Discipline is important.  I had to have self-control.  I had to be patient and wait for things.

(Judith)  If you could say anything to your wife about how her presence has impacted your life, what would it be?

(Dejon)  I would thank her for being a virtuous woman and that is how she impacted my life.  She is there for me and for my kids.  I believe that I obtained the favor of the Lord by having a wife that is virtuous.

(Judith)  If you could say anything to your children about how they have impacted your life what would it be? What advice would you give to your children about being successful personally, professionally, and spiritually?

(Dejon)  My sons are three (3) opportunities to correct things that I may not have done right when I was growing up.  I want to help them avoid problems or mistakes that I made. Spiritually, I want them to know that only what they do for Christ will last.  Whatever they do, do it for the glory of God and it will last.”

(Judith)  What are your personal and professional goals?

(Dejon)  My personal goals are:

1). Continue to serve the Lord with everything that I have

2). Position my family for the future financially and spiritually.

3). For my wife and I, I want to prepare to be great grand-parents one day.

4). Professionally, I want to build high schools.  I want to build the first Pentecostal Universities.

(Judith)  What advice would you give to young men or other men in regard to achieving their goals (the secret to your success) in regard to personal growth, family, and career?

(Dejon)  Listen and learn to communicate when you have an opportunity to listen to someone with wisdom (i.e. grand-father).

Interview With Jeffrey Hudson


Name: Jeffrey Hudson

Occupation:  Los Angeles Fire Department

Number of Years in Occupation: 21 years

(Judith)  What is your marital status?  Do you have children?  How has your role as a husband or father affected your career?

(Jeffrey) I am married.  I have two boys.   I have a dangerous career and because I am married with a family I have to think twice about the danger part of the job. I try to preserve my body.  Sometimes there are things that I cannot oversee like seeing my sons take out the trash.  Sometimes my sons are a little inconsistent on doing chores because I am not there to follow up.

(Judith)  During your early years, what were your goals?  In the early years, how did you plan to achieve your goals?  

(Jeffrey)  My goal was to make myself valuable or attractive to a woman.  I did not use profanity in front of women.  I wanted to be a gentleman so that I would be attractive to women.  I went to college to get a good job and have a nice home so that I would be more attractive to the opposite sex.  Early on, some of my goals were surrounded by other people’s perceptions.      

(Judith)  Did you face any hardships that tried to derail your goals? How did you handle the situation?  What was your personal turning point?

(Jeffrey)  Yes, I did not graduate from college. I was not prepared for college as well as I needed to be.      At that time, I had poor study habits and I was not organized.  Originally, I planned on being a Mechanical Engineer and the second was a Professional Singer.  When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a Singer.  As I got a little older, in my late teens, I decided to go to college.  I did not consider being a Fire Fighter until I was in my twenties.

(Judith)  As a man, what tools did you need to be successful?

(Jeffrey)  My hope of becoming successful was to keep attempting to do something until something worked.  I did not have everything figured out but I had the confidence to know that I would be good at something and that I would be able to turn whatever I did into a livelihood. 

 “God had my life all planned out, regardless of what I would have done.”

(Judith)  If you could say anything to your children about how they have impacted your life what would it be?  What advice would you give to your children about being successful personally, professionally, and spiritually?

(Jeffrey)  I understand that what I do affects my children.  I realize that I am making an impact on their lives so I have to be aware of that.  “Realistically think of what you could be and start to pursue it at an early age. As soon as you know what you want to be then start preparing yourself for that goal, If you want to be an entrepreneur, business person or invent a video game you need to learn as much as you can about what you are interested in. Focus on your goal, and go for it.” 

In terms of spirituality, I believe in getting the children involved in something spiritual.  Begin the child’s spiritual journey when they are young and make it a routine.  “Love the Lord and learn what He is teaching you.”

(Judith)  What advice would you give to young men or other men in regard to achieving their goals?

(Jeffrey)  Try to determine what direction you want to go in early and continue to pursue that goal no matter what.  “Don’t be afraid to express yourself and embrace what you want to be.  Whatever career you choose, pick it because you like and not because it’s not the popular thing to do right now.”  Try not to allow peer pressure to move you away from being a pioneer.  For example, you may have to miss a party or two to pursue your dreams. If you are able to work hard and achieve your goal first, then you can have fun and enjoy yourself after the goal has been completed.”



Educate To Elevate


Dear Young Ladies:

I hope that life is treating you well.  I was thinking about what to write to you this week and I decided I would write about education.  My older sister T, recently wrote a book called, “Yes, I Said It!”  In her book, she dedicates an entire section to the importance of education, so I want to follow in that vein.

Young ladies, please listen up.  I can assure you that you will feel a certain way at 16 yrs that you will not feel at 18 years old.  Then when you turn 21 you will feel different yet again, by the time you turn 25 your hormones and feelings about the world change again, when you become about 30 you start to mellow out and finally get an understanding of yourself that starts the process toward full maturity.  I said all of that to say, when you are a teenager, you may not think that it is important to study, but it is.  Please push yourself.  Other people will come into your life to distract you, but please DO NOT be fooled.  Girlfriends will tell you that nobody needs school and boyfriends will tell you that they love you just so that can have sex with you.  You may have family problems, or any host of other issues may arise, but please let none of it deter your BRIGHT future.  You may not have anyone who supports your dream to educate yourself.  All of these things are just distractions please run away from them!!!!!   

I am asking you to PROTECT your education and treat it like it is golden (idea borrowed from   singer Jill Scott)…..because it is.  Education is the one tool that can take you from the ghetto or poverty to the White House or affluence.  How do I know?  Because I was born in the projects in Bridgeport, CT but I had big dreams for myself and I knew education would take me there.  I did not care what other people did or were doing,  I had one goal in mind, I knew that I was going to be a successful doctor (at that time I wanted to be a Neurosurgeon).  I changed my educational goal of becoming a Neurosurgeon but I did not give up my goal of educating myself to become a different kind of doctor. 

Young ladies, I need a favor, please do this exercise with me.  Write down your dreams and goals.  Next, write down what you need to do to reach your goals.  Now, write down what you are going to do to make those goals happen in your life.  Keep track of this process and come back to your writings every so often to be accountable to yourself.  This process really helps.  Try it!  You can do it!!!

As always, remember, that I love you and I am always praying for you.

You Are Lovable and Capable, Special, and Unique!

I was thinking about what to write today, I decided that I want this letter to address the self-esteem of my beautiful young ladies.  When I was a girl in the fourth grade there was an elderly African-American woman who would come to my class often to encourage the kids and tell us that we were VALUABLE.  I do not remember the older woman’s name, but I know that she had a great impact on my life.

She would ask the whole class to repeat after her and we would say, “I AM LOVEABLE AND CAPABLE, SPECIAL, AND UNIQUE!”

From the very first time I recited this line, I believed it.  Somewhere deep inside of me I felt like this woman had understood how I felt and at that very young age she gave me the vocabulary to speak my feelings.  Once I believed these words I was able to live my life in a way that said I do believe and care about myself.  I love me!

I want you young ladies to love YOU!!!  Take time to get to know yourselves, listen to yourselves and your intuitions (the voice that tells you what is right and wrong).  Please do not allow negative people or situations to destroy your future and  your destiny.  Many of you have lived through horrible situations but because you lived through them, God has a plan for you to tell your story of overcoming those issues to others.  Remember that I love you and that you are valuable.  You CAN and WILL  do great things!

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