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My Health Journey Has Re-Emerged (May 2013)

I have not written about my weight loss journey because I had a few obstacles in the road of my life to deal with. I felt as though weight loss would have been impossible for me, unless I cleared the path and removed those obstacles.  The obstacles that I faced were extremely stressful for me and that stress was causing me to gain weight in my mid-section, even though I was working out and eating relatively well.  Anyway, I decided that I needed to change my pursuit from weight loss to reducing my stressors. It’s been five (5) months since 2013 turned over and this month (May), makes the first month that I actually feel like the heavy burden that I was carrying has been lifted.  Thank God!  Thank God!  Oh yea, I really do thank God!!!

Now that the burden has been lifted, I feel like I have the ability to forge ahead full force with my weight loss mission. This time I am focused and committed. I intend to take slow and steady steps in the direction of the vision that I have for myself.  For me, I have a complete vision to improve myself emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I feel that I have to improve myself as a whole in order to improve myself at all.

Check out my before and after photos.  The after photos with me in the salmon jacket is what I look like right now.

Please leave a comment if you would like to join me on this journey towards wholeness (healthy and happy).  Let’s recommit together!

My Health Journey #8

The one thing I love about life is that everyday I have a new opportunity to start all over. This year has been tough! I have had illnesses, job loss, stress, and other obstacles that stood in opposition to my healthy weight-loss goal. I intend to lose unhealthy weight again because I intend to fulfill the purpose that God has for my life without unnecessary physical hindrances.

I am also happy to be well again and to be able to climb back up on the horse to health and wholeness. I am grateful that God saw fit to heal me again from a few serious ailments. Now, I have the strength that I need to exercise. I am going to start my weight-loss journey very slowly. For me being thin is not my goal. My goal is to be healthy and to lose unnecessary weight around my stomach area, which is where I tend to hold the issues of life, stress, etc.

Two years ago, I was much lighter in weight and when people saw me they said, “You are beautiful!” In my head, I was thinking, “I am beautiful at any size because I am the same person on the inside at any size.” One of my biggest issues in going through this weight-loss journey is avoiding people who use the words “sexy,” “thin,” and “beautiful” to describe being of a smaller physical build or an asthetic belief. My issue is that I define what is beautiful to me and I am NEVER trying to achieve someone else’s vision of what beautiful is. Like Christina Aguilera’s song says, “I am beautiful no matter what they say.” Lol!

I intend to walk at least three (3) times a week. I think I’m going to turn my walks into nature walks so that I can take photos during my on-foot travels. I would love to play tennis, but I need a new tennis partner. Lastly, I found a batting cage in my neighborhood and as a former softball player and team co-captain the idea of playing again brings me joy.

Ok, so who’s back on the journey with me to improve our health and our quality of life? Leave a comment and let me know.

My Health Journey #7

I have not written in my personal health diary here online in a while. I have been discouraged about my weight loss efforts. Due to recent uncontrollable events, I have not been able to purchase the support items that I use for weight-loss. This mere fact alone, sent me into an ugly discouragement that I recently emerged from.

“I feel like I am in the fight of my life!”

I am in an “all out” fight with my body to make it conform and align with the healthy habits that I am cognitively aware of, but I have found that I absolutely need my support items to do that. When I was a kid, my parents did not focus on outer beauty but inner beauty was an absolute MUST. When I was a kid and my Mommy saw me in the mirror too long, she would say, “We are not vain.” This one statement became a prominent thought and ideology in my belief system, but almost to my own detriment.

As an adult, I have learned things that I was not aware of as a child. I learned that in order to house my beautiful spirit (internal self), I need to take good care of my body (external self). In the Bible, I Corinthians 6:19 says, “…don’t you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you which ye have of God, and you are not your own?” I studied this scripture many times as a child, but I just had not made the connection that taking care of your body meant eating right, exercising, reducing and relieving stress, loving, caring, and sharing. Who knew? As an adult, I sometimes feel as if I have been born again, because I have a better understanding of childhood lessons. Some of you have asked me about why I refer to scriptures in my blog writings. The answer is simple, this blog is a reflection of me and my experiences. In my experience, I am a 3-4 or even farther back generation Christian. My Daddy was a preacher and my Mommy a missionary so the church was a regular part of my daily life, not just a place I went to on Sunday. So, if when you read my blog sometimes you feel preached to, please believe that I am speaking to you from my own experience only.

I am continuing to fight this weight-loss battle with the best weaponry that I have at my disposal right now. Leave a comment if you have a goal that you are trying to reach, but you are growing weary, perhaps we can encourage one another.

My Health Journey #4


I did well on my no sugar no flour lifestyle eating plan until last week. At the end of September I had two losses in my family and my sister had major surgery. Needless to say, I was stressed out and had a relapse with sugar and flour.  Amidst these struggles, I still managed to lose 7 lbs in four weeks.  Pretty good I think!

I am currently in the process of having the mercury fillings removed from my teeth this will help as my Naturopathic Doctor told me that the mercury level in my blood was seven times greater than it should be.  Geez!

Ladies, I would like to share my story about hormone balancing.  I was feeling fatigued for no reason, I was anemic due to heavy menses, and acne.  My Naturopathathic (holistic) doctor drew my blood and checked my hormone levels.  She found that I am estrogen dominant.  Being estrogen dominant is not good as it can cause feelings of emotional distress, fibroid tumors, etc.  Hormones, ( testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen levels) especially for women, need to stay properly balanced.  My doctor has me on two creams to balance my hormones.  Lastly, she prescribed a thyroid pill as it(thyroid) was underfunctioning.  How did she know my thyroid was under-functioning?  She checked my blood.  She also had another way for me to check my thyroid’s functioning.  Well, my doctor had me monitor my temperature for three days.  She told me to take my temperature first thing in the morning before I get out of bed.  A normal temperature, which may indicate normal thyroid functioning is a temperature of 98.5.  My temperature was 96.5.  I am noticing that my thyroid pill is really helping to regulate my bodies temperature.  I think it has increased my metabolism as I am burning fat like crazy (lol).  The body simply amazes me! 

If anyone is having problems hormonally or in any other capacity and you are tired of not getting answers from your doctor (Western Medicine) or relying on prescription drugs, please consider a good holistic (natural) medicine doctor.  The body has an amazing ability to heal itself if given the opportunity.  Our bodies need essential vitamins, minerals, temperature and hormonal balancing.  Once our bodies are receiving the proper essentials that it needs, the body will function well and fight off disease.

Leave a comment and tell me about your health journey.

My Health Journey…………….


Last Friday, July 9, 2010 I began a new health journey.  I will fully divulge when I have completed phase one.  I am excited about the information that I obtained in regard to achieving optimal health.  If this new program works for me I will share its benefits with you.  Feel free to join me on this journey toward health and wholeness!

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