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Happy Mother’s Day 2017

Happy Mother’s Day!

Purple flowers

Be grateful for the Mother that you have or the Mother that you had because she was the one who was chosen to give you life.

Mommy & I

If she is alive honor her, if she is deceased be grateful that she gave you life.  Have a day filled with peace and life despite how you choose to celebrate this day and the woman who gave you life.


Happy Memorial Day 2016


The Virgin’s Island: Journey With Judith would like to honor the service men and service women who sacrificed their lives to protect our country.  We wish you and your family a wonderful day of celebration!

Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

I will be spending time with the people that I LOVE the most……family and friends.

Life is short and tomorrow is NOT promised so I intend to ENJOY my today.

I am grateful for life, health, and the ability to give and receive LOVE. Leave a comment and tell us what you are grateful for today.

Be Grateful

Dear Young Ladies and Young Men:

I am so sorry that I have not written you all in a while but I have been swamped.

This week as I was thinking about what to say to you, I remembered a few incidents that I have witnessed in the past decade and I decided to write about them.

Do you ever want the latest ipod, x-box, or cell phone? Do you ever think about the sacrifices that your parent (s) have to make in order to give you those things? For you young people who live in America there have been many job and home losses due to the economy. That means that your parents have to make sacrifices about how to afford where you live, what you drive, what you eat, and what you wear. For those outside of America, I think that the rest of the world does not rely so heavily on the accumulation of “things” but they understand that family and good health are important.

Well, I just want to remind you that your parent (s) love you and they do want to shower you with the best things because they want you to be happy. Even though they want you to be happy they still need to be able to take care of basic household needs so learn to be grateful for what you have. I also think it is important for you to be sensitive to the environment in your household and know when there is pressure or things that your parents may not be telling you about the finances of the household. Sometimes parents do not want to burden you with the “adult” problems, but you can be a helpful young person if you thank your parents for all that they do, try to help out around the house without being asked, and learn to be grateful for what you have without always asking for more. When you develop these skills believe me your parents will remember your efforts and you will be rewarded.

I wish all of you young ladies and gentleman a successful week! Continue to strive for excellence and learn to be “grateful.”

Please feel free to leave a comment.

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