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Today, I am taking the time to live in the truth of who I am.  I was sitting in my room just now and these thoughts just filled my heart.

I am reminded that God said in the Bible, “I am the I am!”  I love this demonstrative statement of power and assurance.  I believe that if I am made in God’s image, that I too can make “I AM” statements and live in the divine destiny that God pre-planned for my life.

I AM statements are personal and unique to each of us.  I feel blessed in knowing that God and I determine the “I AM” in me.


Will you join me in finding a quiet place, being still, and writing down your I AM statements?

Let me know how this exercise works for you.

Where Does Your Hope Lie?

Do you feel hopeless? Are you tired of all of the loss, natural disasters, and tragedy?

If you answered yes to these question, please develop a relationship with God. Contrary to popular belief God did not cause these tragedies and He is concerned about us and he loves us.  God wants the best for us.

We have to learn that we cannot put our faith and hope in people, our jobs, or anything.  We have to reserve our hope spot for God. He is the only one who never disappoints and always comes through when you need Him.

Please do not allow life to steal the hope out of your heart.  You do have a purpose and God can help you to discover it.

Leave a comment or send me a private email if you are feeling hopeless. I will send you an encouraging message and pray for you.

When Trusting God Gets Difficult

As a child, my parents taught me to trust God with my life because he cares for me and loves me immensely.  In my own experience and discovery of God, I have learned that God rarely performs miracles the same way each time I have needed one.  Even with my knowledge of his sovereignty, I often find myself wishing that God would create a miracle for me like he did a day, a month, or a year ago.

Lately, I have been going through a very difficult season in my life.  This particular issue has been bothering me my entire life.  I have been praying, believing God, confessing scriptures, and worshiping.  Usually, by now, doing all these things would have brought resolve.  This time, the issue persists but I hear God’s still voice telling me to keep going and that he has already delivered me.  So, I have a choice to make.  Will I believe the situation that seems to persist or will I simply trust.  In my heart, I trust God, but I daily find myself fighting against negative thoughts and effects of this situation.

My choice is to wait for God………..or continue to allow him to wait on me which,  I am sure is a more accurate depiction in this case.  Will God deliver me?  I know he will.  Can I trust his timing?  I must!

Trust in general is difficult; especially when I have to trust human beings.  To me, trust in God should be simple, seeing that he has a flawless track record of being trustworthy.  I guess there are times when you have to make the decision to trust in spite of how you feel, and for me, this is one of those times.

Faith Identity

In 2008, the Auto Insurance Industry, began laying people off and I was one of those people. I had a few contracted jobs here and there but in August 2010, I finished my last assignment. Little did I know that there would be no other jobs for a-year-in-a-half. Can you imagine that?

Needless to say, my faith has been tried. At times, I questioned my faith, but I NEVER lost my faith. As financial times got leaner for me, I began to quote scriptures from the Bible that fit my need(s) for the day. During this season, I got a clearer understanding of the portion of the Lord’s prayer that says, “Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” I learned that this scripture means to take only what you need for the day. I learned to focus on paying the bills for that day, eating my portion of food for that day, getting the amount of gas that I needed for that day, taking the amount of encouragement and love that I needed for that day. I now know that I am supposed to take only what I need for the day and give the rest away. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. I have given away more as an unemployed person than I ever gave as an employed person.

I learned that the power of life and death is truly in the words that I speak. There have been times during this season when I really needed help, but instead of getting on the phone to complain or to beg for help I would say, “God you know what I need and you said that I am a lender and NOT a borrow.” A few minutes later, worry would try to set in, but I denounced worry and his cousin doubt and decided to trust God. I went to sleep. On one particular day, I followed the above recipe and at the exact hour that the bill was due someone called to give me help.

This week, I needed major repairs on my car. At first, my sarcasm kicked in and I thought, “Of course I need major car repairs when I’m not working, lucky me!” Then I quickly repented to God. Next, I prayed and asked God for direction. I heard God tell me to take my car to the dealership (no it was NOT a loud audible voice from the outside of me….perhaps I’ll explain this part in another post) to get a diagnostic check on the vehicle. I called the dealership and asked how much the diagnostic test would cost. I was told that it would be $60.00. I know that the service advisor said that the cost would be $60.00 but to me, he might as well have said $600.00. I fenagled a few bills and set aside $60.00 for the diagnostic test. I arrived at the dealership and reiterated to my service advisor that I just want the diagnostic test and if he found any problems that I would not be able to pay for them, so do not fix them. My service advisor said, “Judith, let me check your account, I think you have an extended warranty.” I was so focused on the fact that I did not have the money to make the repair, I seriously could not remember if I had an extended warranty. A few moments later my service advisor said, “You have the extended warranty so your $3000.00 repair is free!” OMG!!!!

I am writing this blog to remind myself of the goodness of the God (Jesus Christ) that I serve and to encourage others. I am learning that faith cannot be something that I use only when I have a need, but faith has to be a part of my identity.

How To Build Success

Matthew 6:33 ” But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

I know that it is not popular these days to quote scriptures from the Bible.  Some people believe that the Bible is an antiquated book that has no relevance to the times that we live in.  I think that those people have a right to their opinions, but so do I.  I believe that we as a society cannot live our best lives without understanding that there is an entity bigger and greater than ourselves.  Trust me, I have tried to do and believe in my own abilities.  Believing in my own abilities left me with nothing and my progression in life was stagnated.  Anyway, I want to talk to you young ladies about building a successful life.  In my opinion, in order to build a successful life you should consider  putting God first.  What does putting God first mean?  It means that when you are confronted with an opportunity to do something that you 1) study the Bible 2) stop and consider if what you want to do is morally and ethically right 3) would the activity benefit or hurt you?  4) before doing the activity evaluate if your motive’s are good and if the result will be good.  

For instance, when I was in elementary school I had a friend who asked me to try a cigarette.  I had asthma but I still looked at the cigarette.  I knew that smoking would definitely give me an asthma attack.  I thought to myself, “would smoking a cigarette be a good representative of the fact that I honor God with my life?”  I quickly told my friend that I was NOT interested in the cigarette.  My friend told me that I was really missing out.  She stopped coming to school and we did not stay friends because she chose a different path for her life.  I wanted to become a doctor and be positive and successful, but she chose to smoke, skip school, and disobey her mother.  Life is full of choices and many choices can leave long lasting consequences so you must make wise decisions.

Leave a comment. Let me know how you plan to become successful. What are your  secrets for success as a young lady?

“The God-Spot”


For the past few days I have been thinking about my God-spot.  For those who do not know my story I lost both of my parent by the age of thirty-six (36).  I know that there are kids who lose both parents either to abandonment, death, or sickness so I am no special case, but losing someone that you love is difficult, to say the least.  During the periods where I lost each parent I remember feeling devasted.  Nothing mattered to me, not even my own well-being.  The only constant that I had during these dark times was the reassurance that a loving God was there with me and that He will never leave me.

At this phase in my life where I am considering whether or not marriage is something that I really want, I must admit that it is my God-spot that keeps me moving toward my goals, while still feeling loved and cared about.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have sisters, a brother, extended family, and friends who love me but those people still do not represent the deep committed companionship that I think marriage would represent, if I were married.  I said all of this to say, no matter what I have faced in life.   Despite my many losses,  I continue to enjoy my life because my God-spot is filled.  I was just grateful about this feeling today so I thought that I should write about it.

Do you think the God-spot is important in your life?  If so, leave a comment.

Faith=Spiritual Exercise


I talk to God all the time about my desires, needs, wants, and how I am feeling.  A few weeks ago I asked God for a few really specific things.  I had a need and I told God about it specifically.  A few days later, He answered but at that time I did not know that  He answered my prayer so concisely.  Today, I found out that He hears every word that I say because He answered my prayer far beyond what I asked of Him.  Amazing.

Today taught me that I have to use my faith.  I have to ask for what I desire and wait for God to fulfill it.  I learned that if I don’t use my faith by pursuing dreams or making request of God, I will never know if He hears me or if He answers.  I found out today that he does answer….because he did answer.  So amazing!!!

I wonder, has anyone else had a similar experience?

I am not a Martian!

My experience as a virgin has been one of being ostracized and insulted. I think my virginity demands respect. I am proud of my decision to abstain from sex until I am married.

I went to the doctor when I was about 25-years old, the nurse practitioner gave me a gynecological exam. While doing the exam, she said, wow it seems like you are still a virgin. I said, “I am!” She immediately asked that I excuse her and she returned with a charge nurse and the two of them suggested that I seek psychological counseling. They proceeded to ask me questions about whether or not I had been molested, raped, etc. I answered, “NO” to all of their questions. I said, “I don’t believe in premarital sex, it’s against what I believe God wants for me.” They said “ok” but treated me like a Martian that just stepped off a space ship.

Virgins chime in if you have any experiences about being a virgin that you would like to share. Non-virgins tell me what you think, Send Judith your thoughts!

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