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Wake Up Your Dreams!


Do you have dreams inside of you that you have forgotten about or let die?  Do you wonder where your life could have been if you had followed your dream?

If you answered, “Yes” to either of theses questions, I have encouraging news for you. As long as you are alive, you STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO REVIVE AND REACH YOUR DREAMS.


Don’t forget to DREAM…..

Dear Young Ladies and Young Men,

This week my letter to you all is simple.  No matter what life brings your way, NEVER stop dreaming.  Dreaming can increase your sense of hope and hope can give you the strength to work toward your goal(s).

Feel free to leave a comment and share one thing that you dream about.

As always, remember that I love you and that I am always praying for you.


Name One Thing That You Want to Change About Your Life This Year

Hey TVI: JWJ Readers,

I know many of us have forgotten about the New Year’s resolutions that we vowed just a few months ago. Lol!  It’s already the middle of March 2012 and I just wanted to know where you all are with your dreams and goals.

My question for you this week is simple.  What would you like to change about yourselves or your lives this year? Why? What steps will you make in order to make the changes a reality?

Please feel free to leave a comment on the site so that we can discuss your comments in the open forum (if you feel comfortable).  More importantly, ask yourselves this question in your own quiet time.  Perhaps you can write the question in a journal and answer the question in your own time and at your own pace.  Have a fabulous week!



Are You Pursuing & Living Your Passion?


As I previously shared, I lost two aunts last month (Sept 2010).  Deaths in my family have been pretty frequent in the past five years.  I have a new appreciation for life and for living the life I want and not just living the life I think I have to live.  What do I mean?  Well, about 10 years ago I started to feel really restless. I felt emotionally and physically depleted.  I felt like I was put on this earth to do more than just work a mundane 9-5 job and pay bills. I was working a job that I enjoyed intellectually but it was starting to become old hat and this job did not allow me to use my creative side.  I felt like a part of me was dying… and it was….my creative side.  Creatively, I see the world with bright colors, I smell wonderful aromas, I hear wonderful sounds that amaze me, I taste foods and drinks that make me happy……all that to say life is supposed to be enjoyed and experienced.  At any rate, I started having conversation with friends about my passions, but I just did not know what I wanted to do with my passions or how to make a living from them. Some friends laughed and some friends said that I was just a dreamer but I had to block all of them out and make a real decision for myself.  Anyone been there before?  When I was at school or work, I remember thinking many times, has my body been invaded by aliens?  Is this really my life?  I would come home from work, eat dinner, binge on sweet treats and get ready for the rat maze the very next day.  I felt trapped!  I felt cheated because this is not the life I wanted to live and it seemed like it was not the life that I chose, so how did this happen?  I began to think about how I got into this rut.  It all started when I began helping to care for parents at age ten.  As I grew up, I spent my life continuing on that path. I do not regret helping my parents because they gave me life, but somewhere along the way, I let go of my many dreams.  On really bad days, I would sing the theme song from the hit sitcom “Friends”  you know the line where the song says, “You’re life’s a joke, you’re broke, you’re love life’s doa (dead on arrival).  Seems like you’re always stuck in second gear, when it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year….I’ll be there for you (now that you are singing along I can continue my”

Anyway, in 2008, I decided to begin pursuing my passions no matter what.  This decision has not been easy, but I am sooooooo glad that I made it.  I am still on my journey and every step in the direction of my dream makes me feel a sense of accomplishment and personal enjoyment.  So, what are your passions?  Are you living your dreams or the passions that you had for yourself as a kid or teen?  If you are like me, maybe you need to do some soul searching and re-discover your purpose.

If you decide to take this journey with me, please leave a comment.  I will be your number one (#1) cheerleader (smiling).

The Year 2010


Today is May 31, 2010 and I have almost made the halfway mark of the year.  I have made great strides in the direction of my dreams and for that I am so grateful.  Six months ago, my life was devastated (the end of 2009) but 2010 has been nothing short of awesome and I am excited that it will continue to be even better.

Today I am enjoying family and friends for the Memorial Day Holiday.  I hope everyone is enjoying family and friends and finding away to enjoy life despite any other circumstances.

I encourage everyone to take time and enjoy life by appreciating the little things.  Happy Holiday!!!

Timeless Traxx Radio Host, Tyrone DuBose

I met Tyrone DuBose on Facebook and we have become friends.  I feel like I have known him for years, when in fact it’s only been a few months.  I have come to know Tyrone for his motivational sayings on Facebook.  He has a great attitude that is contagious.  I think that he is an amazing man who has chosen to use his gift in pursuit of his dream, but also to encourage others.  I am honored to have him as my guest and I am sure that you all will enjoy his candid interview.

Name: Tyrone DuBose

Occupation: Primary job is a distribution manager.  He is also a road manager for famous entertainers.

Number of Years in Occupation: Several years

(Judith) What is your marital status?

(Tyrone) Single, but I am in a relationship, although I have been married twice.

(Judith)  After being married twice, what lessons did you learn about marriage?

(Tyrone)   “I have learned to make a life for myself before trying to make one with someone else.” In lessons learned, I recognize that it is difficult to pursue your dream while being in a marriage because you have to make the marriage the first priority.   Each marriage allowed me the opportunity to look at myself.

(Judith)  Do you have children?

(Tyrone)  Yes, I have three girls and a boy.

(Judith)  During your early years as a man, what were your goals?

(Tyrone)  I always wanted to play baseball and be in radio.

(Judith)  In the early years, how did you plan to achieve your goals?

(Tyrone)  In the early years, I had a goal without a deadline.  I had problems focusing and finish things but as time went on I realized that I could do it.   I played two years in the minor league.

(Judith)  Was there ever a time when you thought that you would not achieve your dream?

(Tyrone)  No, I watched the movie “Rocky” and it had a big impact on me.  The message of the movie was not that Rocky lost but that he tried.

Did you face any hardships that tried to derail your goals? How did you handle the situation?  What was your personal turning point?

(Tyrone)  I just did not know what to do to reach my goal.  I watched a show years ago called “Making the Band (not the show by P. Diddy)” in 2000.  It showed how dedicated 5 kids were in reaching their dreams.  The show made me realize, “I can do it!”

(Judith)  Did you reach your goals?

(Tyrone) Yes, I played two years in the minor league and I am on the radio.

(Judith)  How important do you think it is to help others pursue their dreams?

(Tyrone)  It’s huge.  It’s mandatory as a human being. I am required to help others in some capacity. I was watching the Oprah Show with John Travolta when Oprah told John that he makes people feel good by just being around him. I like to learn life lessons.  I’m almost 50 years old so I feel like I have to strike now while the iron is hot.   I have always had determination but I turned it on and off.  I truly believe in people and I do not pretend to do or be anything that I am not.

(Judith)  As a man, what tools did you need to be successful?

(Tyrone)  I needed to be 1) realistic with myself 2) plan my work and work my plan.

(Judith)  If you could say anything to your daughters about how they have impacted your life, what would it be?  What advice would you give to your daughters about being successful in life?

(Tyrone)  “Thank you for giving me a chance to make things right.“  “Never stop believing in yourselves, you can always make your dreams come true.”

(Judith)  If you could say anything to your son about how he has impacted your life, what would it be?  What advice would you give to your son about being successful in life?

(Tyrone)  “I only want the best for you, simply be yourself because being yourself will get you everywhere in life.  Thank you for making me a better Dad.  Your birth caused me to grow up.”

(Judith)  What spiritual advice would you give to all of your children?

(Tyrone)  “Your choices may come from you but God has the power.”

(Judith)  If the Tyrone of today could have given the Tyrone of yesterday any advice, what would it be?

(Tyrone)  All my life I never followed through on anything.  I was a big dreamer. I was ok with just getting to the door but I never opened it and walked through. I learned that it’s ok to go through the door.

Read more about Tyrone DuBose and his awesome radio show at or

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