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You Are Loved!

Photo Credit: Judith Owens


In a world of so much chaos and crazy, remember that you are loved. If you are feeling alone, anxious, or depressed please remember that there are people who care about you and the things that are impacting you. If you would like to feel the love of God, please feel free to join me every morning at 4:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time for a virtual prayer call. You may dial (774) 220-4000, and enter the code 91354#.

Good Manners Go A Long Way

Dear Young Ladies and Young Men,

When I was a kid my Dad  and I would walk down the street.  My Daddy was adamant that I should always walk on the inside of the sidewalk.  Sometimes, I would forget and walk on the outside of the sidewalk. If I forgot to walk on the inside of the curb my Daddy would say, “Cross me!”  Sometimes he would simply cross me himself (meaning change places so that I would be on the inside of the curb).

As a little girl, I did not see why my Daddy made such a big deal of this. One day, my Daddy said, “If a man is not willing to protect you to the death, then you should not be with him.” After those words, I realized how important it was to surround myself with men who were taught to protect women.

If you are a young man, remember that women appreciate a man that is chivalrous towards her.

If you are a young lady, please have a standard.  Choose a young man who treats you like a lady, who is protective without being controlling, who opens doors, and who pumps gas for you and washes your car without being asked.



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