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What I Hate Most About Weight-Loss

As I am now 89 pounds lighter, I am amazed at the way that people who know me have treated me.  Their reactions to my significant weight loss ranges from disbelief, then to shock, and then utter amazement. Very few people seem to know how to extend a compliment about my current look without totally disrespecting my previous heavier look.

Despite other people’s reaction to me, I am certain of one thing.  I truly LOVED myself when I was almost 300 pounds because I loved who I was on the inside.  Today, as I approach my 90 pound weight-loss, I still love myself and I am proud that God gave me the courage to begin and endure this 5 1/2 month journey that has led me to this point.

I am proud to say that being smaller did not make me a better human being.  I did not suddenly wake up smaller and decide that I want to build my non-profit for the enrichment and education of children.  I did not suddenly decide that I wanted to sell the very product that helped me to lose 90 pounds in  5 1/2 months. I did not suddenly have a deep compassion for the elderly,  single parents, and those who have no support systems.  The truth is, I have always been compassionate and passionate toward people and the unfair social issues that they face.  In short, despite how I look I am STILL THE SAME PERSON on the INSIDE and the INSIDE of me and the virtues that I hold matter most to me, not the outside of me. So, you may ask, what do I hate most about weight loss?  Well, it is the way other people treat me as if I have changed, when in fact the only thing that has changed is “the house” that holds the real me which is the spirit that lives within me.


Try Something New!

Do you ever wish that you could change your life?

Guess what?  You can!

Sometimes we complain about how terrible our relationships are, but we will not seek counseling or therapy and find relationship mentors to help us improve our relationships.

We say that we need more income, but we refuse to return to school, find a mentor in our field of interest, or take a risk.

Life is what we do or do not make it.  In short, we CANNOT be afraid to try a new approach to the way that we live our lives especially if our old approach is not working.  2014 is the year of discovery and forward movement.  You can do it!

Positive Confession

My dreams have NO EXPIRATION date; therefore I am not moved by time.

The Past, The Present, & The Future…………

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Was……..

A son.

A brother.

A scholar.

A minister.

A husband and father.

A believer of God, a humanitarian, a philosopher, and most importantly…A DREAMER.


President Barack Obama Is…………

A son.

A brother.

A scholar.

A friend.

A husband and father.

A believer. A proponent of change.

An idealist and an advocate for those who cannot help themselves.  President Barack Obama will be inaugurated this weekend for his second term in office.  President Barack Obama is the first African American President to be elected in the United States of America.  President Barack Obama is the manifestation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream.

Journey With Judith and The Virgin’s Island Radio Show salutes both of these extraordinary men!

Leave a comment and tell us how you feel about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s  contribution to our world and leave well wishes for our President as we must live as one nation under God, so let’s lay down our bi-partisan differences and work together even when we disagree.

Name One Thing That You Want to Change About Your Life This Year

Hey TVI: JWJ Readers,

I know many of us have forgotten about the New Year’s resolutions that we vowed just a few months ago. Lol!  It’s already the middle of March 2012 and I just wanted to know where you all are with your dreams and goals.

My question for you this week is simple.  What would you like to change about yourselves or your lives this year? Why? What steps will you make in order to make the changes a reality?

Please feel free to leave a comment on the site so that we can discuss your comments in the open forum (if you feel comfortable).  More importantly, ask yourselves this question in your own quiet time.  Perhaps you can write the question in a journal and answer the question in your own time and at your own pace.  Have a fabulous week!



A New Journey Begins

Have you ever had someone say something to you that stayed with you for a day, a week, or a month? Have you ever wondered why their words may have impacted you so much? Have your ever found it hard to shake the concept, phrase, or word(s) that they mentioned to you. If so, great! That means that I am in good company.

It’s been about a month-in-a-half since I returned from my South American trip. During the trip, I was around large bodies of water. As a kid, I loved to go to the beach and jump waves. I also loved to get into the pool and kick. Due to my childhood asthma I did not complete my swimming lessons. While on my latest South American trip, one of my fellow travelers took the time to explain to me what I should do if I found myself in the water unexpectedly. He said, “Get on your back so that I can save you. If you are face down it makes it too hard and you could drown us both.” At first, I laughed because I thought to myself, “If I don’t know how to swim, how in the world am I supposed to get onto my back?” My travel companion then looked me in the face and said, “No, I’m serious!” At that moment I started to think about methods I could use to flip over onto my back if I was in the water against my will.

Since returning from South America, I have found that I have been bothered by things and people who had not bothered me before. I noticed that I feel like I have outgrown the life that I have created for myself. I have noticed that in this life that I have created, I have tried to save things and people that were figuratively drowning. These figurative people and things have almost drowned me when I jumped in to save them, but after returning from this trip, I realize that I have done the best that I can do and I must step away from the danger zones in my life and save myself or at least allow myself to be saved. Amazing! It took me 38 years to figure out that I need to save myself and stop worrying about saving everyone else that I can (big exhale).

How can someone say something to me that stuck with me in this way? How can this advice strike such a deep nerve that it solves problems that I have been trying to fix my whole life. Wow! I love it when I have an epiphany!

I am sorry if this makes no sense to my readers, but I had to write this article as a part of my journey…..that’s why the website is called “Journey With Judith.” Lol!

The Power of a Positive Attitude


Dear Young Ladies:

I hope that all is going well.  This week I want you to think positively.  No matter what happens please do not allow negative people or negative situations to change your positive attitude.  For example, when I was in college, I purchased a 1983 Honda Civic.  At the time it was 1994.  I was a student at U.C.L.A. and I lived in Palmdale, which was about 120 miles roundtrip per day.  The car would often breakdown as the route home was very mountainous and hard for an old car like mine.  When my car would break down I would become furious and say, “Really God, really!!  What do I have to do to get help?”  I said these things while enraged.  One day, after reading the Bible, the same incident occurred, this time I began to sing praises to God as I had no AAA roadside assistance and no one to call for help.  I sat by the side of the road and sang praises to God, then I prayed.  I spoke to the car and said, “No matter what, I am going home and you are going to get me there.”  The car started and the problem that was there disappeared allowing me to make it home.  This situation showed me that God does hear me but I have to maintain the right attitude. 

I hope that you all can gain some insight into your own lives from this post.  Life can be challenging but all situations that occur in life are simply temporary.  If you pray and keep a positive attitude you can make it through anything, believe me I have!

Eating to Live


 In 2005, I went to my doctor for a routine check-up.  I was born with asthma so I have been on every kind of inhaler and steroid imaginable.  Anyway, on this particular visit to the doctor, I was told that I would need to add a sixth medication to my daily routine.  I was so shocked and saddened by this news. My goodness, I was only 32 years old!!  Next, my doctor said that I was pre-diabetic.  This was unreal!  One year prior I had watched my brother have both of his big toes amputated due to uncontrolled diabetes so needless to say this was an unwanted but much needed wake up call.  At that time I was extremely obese because I had forgotten to take care of myself.  I was deceived into thinking that if I put other people first that God would bless me and I would be alright. There is some truth to my previous theory God did bless me to have a doctor’s appointment that day that has changed my life.  God blessed me with the opportunity to change my life and I took it.  I am still on the road to full health recovery but I am not in the danger zone the way that I was five years ago.

     At first, I was a bit depressed but the next day I decided to fight this diagnosis of hypertension and the pre-diagnosis of diabetes.  I did not know exactly what to do but I decided to start taking the pills for high blood pressure with the condition that I would get off of them within 1 year. From that day forward, I decided to make many small changes that would better my health and life.  This blog is about the small food and beverage changes that I have made toward a healthier me. 

     In closing, since 2005 I have lost a substantial amount of weight and I am off of blood pressure medication and one asthma allergy pill.  I went from six prescription drugs down to 1-2.  My goal is to not to take any prescription drugs as they can have adverse affects on the body if taken over a long period of time.  I hope to share the small changes that I have made in my personal diet but please let me know if you have any diet tips that are helpful.  Let’s become healthier together.  Let’s eat to live!

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