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Sweating Into A Healthier You

Last week I had the pleasure of playing volleyball and I had a blast!  I love organized sports, but I rarely have enough people who enjoy the sports that I enjoy playing.  After playing one of my favorite sports, I was drenched in sweat and my mind and body felt fabulous.  So, I thought to myself, how could I ever forget the benefits of sweating?  As soon as I got home from playing volleyball, I came home and jotted down this blog topic. Enjoy!

Do you know the benefits of sweating? 

  •  It makes you look younger.
  •  It makes you feel better.
  • It clears your mind and improves your mind’s ability to function. It is also said to reduce or eliminate the effects of an aging brain.

So, with the weekend approaching, let’s find ways to sweat and have fun at the same time.  So grab your friends, children, parents, and grandparents and get moving!!!


Jozefowicz, C. (2004). Sweating makes you smart. Exercise doesn’t just make you look and feel better—it also keeps your brain young and strong. A good workout may be as good for your mind as it is for your muscles. Psychology Today, V37(i3): 56.  Retrieved from


Mentors Lead The Way

Hi Young Ladies and Gentleman:

I sincerely hope that you all have been doing well.

Do you know what a mentor is? A mentor is someone who can lead you to a goal that you may have. A mentor is someone who has already succeeded at the goal or idea that you have. The mentor will help to lead you to the desired goal with minimal mistakes, provided you follow their instructions.

If you have a school goal, career goal, or a personal goal in your life, it is never too early or late to find a trust-worthy mentor. In high school, I wanted to be a neuro-surgeon because I idolized Dr. Ben Carson, a famous brain surgeon. I did not have access to Dr. Carson, but I surrounded myself with professionals who were mentors in the MESA (math, engineering, science, achievement) Program. They helped me immensely. They even helped tutor me with Geometry because I had a terrible Geometry teacher at the time.

This year, make a commitment to find a trust-worthy mentor. Perhaps, you can ask an adult to help you find someone who is safe and who is interested in your future success. Most professionals really enjoy mentoring young people, so if you seek a mentor do not be afraid to speak with them or ask them for help.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions about mentors or if you would like to become a mentor.

Sleep To Learn

Having great sleep habits provides many health benefits. Sleep helps our bodies repair, relax, and rejuvenate. We all know that we need sleep, but with our busy lifestyles, most people report that they do not sleep enough.
Needless to say, I “BELIEVE” in getting plenty of sleep and taking plenty of naps. I love napping because it keeps me looking youthful, or so I think (laughing).

Have you ever wondered why it is difficult for you to remember things or learn new concepts? Maybe you, like most modern people, need more sleep? A recent study suggests that when learning new information, one should take time to get some sleep, even if you take a short nap. Sleeping after learning some type of information causes the memory of the material being learned, to be become cemented in the mind.

Leave a comment and tell me how much sleep you get per night? How important is sleep in your life and to your health?


Alger, S.E., Lau, H., Fishbein, W. (2010). Delayed onset of a daytime nap facilitates retention of declarative memory. PLos One, 8(8), pp.e12131.

Vitamin D3: A Real Life-Saver

While continuing on my health journey, I have discovered that I am vitamin D deficient. I was wondering why I was feeling tired for no reason. To be honest, I thought that I was getting plenty of vitamin D as this is provided by the sun and I live in a state that is always sunny. Go figure! I did a little research and found that many Americans are vitamin D deficient. I am sure that if we are vitamin D deficient in this country, then the inhabitants of the world may also be vitamin D deficient but I did not have time to research the world’s vitamin D status (question mark bubble above my head).

Where is vitamin D found?
Vitamin D comes from food, milk, and the sun.

According to the research many people are not absorbing vitamin D. Seventy-five (75%) of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D. Ninety-seven (97%) of African Americans and ninety (90%) of Hispanics are vitamin D deficient. The benefits of vitamin D include:

• Helps to prevent or eliminate breast and prostate cancer.
• Helps to reduce fatigue.
• Helps to reduce or prevent diabetes.
• Helps to prevent or reduce asthma.
• Helps to prevent or reduce high blood pressure.
• Helps to prevent or reduce obesity.
• Common cancers are reduced by 50%.

I have found that vitamin D3 with Vitamins K1 and K2  has helped improve my stamina and my overall feeling of good health. It amazes me how something so small can make such a huge impact on my health. You all know that I am highly opinionated; I think that true health reform happens when we give our bodies the things that it needs so that it can heal itself.

For your convenience, I have included a link to a company that public speaker and Pastor Paula White recommends for purchasing a high quality vitamin D product that she said helped to save her life. A JWJ reader advised me that unlike Paula’s vitamin D product, it is best to use vitamin D3 and I agree.  Thanks Bea!   I would note that I take vitamin D3 along with K1 & K2.  You may want to check your local health food store to find vitamin D3 (5ooo IU) along with Vitamin K1 (500 mcg) and Vitamin K2 (50 mcg). 

If you start to include vitamin D3 in your daily regimen, please leave a comment below. 

Reference (Paula White’s product, check to see if this product is vitamin D3.)


Charged Water


I have received several emails from people around the United States and the world in regard to my previous posting about drinking alkaline water.  Thank you!  Some people have asked me where they can purchase the alkaline water. At first, I had a hard time finding a source where the water can be purchased as I only knew of places to purchase the water in California.  At your request, I did a little research and found a place where you all can purchase the water online and have it shipped to you.  I do not know if the company ships overseas but they do ship within the U.S.  If you would like to read more on the benefits of drinking alkaline water, feel free to read my previous posting.

You can purchase alkaline water from:

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