Beautiful Faces Skin Restoration Center

Nine months ago, I met my Cousin at a family function.  I looked at my Cousin’s face and it looked amazing. I asked her what she had done to her face and she gave a glowing recommendation to “Beautiful Faces.”

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit the skin care center.  The owner is pictured here and as you can see, her skin is flawless.  Need I say more?  Lol!  After seeing my Cousin and Helena, the owner of “Beautiful Faces,” I was sold.   

I arrived at the spa yesterday and Helena provided my sister and I with a friendly and professional consultation.  Next, she asked what each of us hoped to achieve.  I eagerly asserted, ” I need to get rid of these dark spots on my face that were left on my face because I picked at my pimples. I also told her that I have a very important on-camera project coming up that will require my face to look good.”  She understood.  Helena, said ok and we were off into the treatment room for beautifying (big smile). 

I am recommending this spa because I received incredible service!   I felt like I was number one and as a Consumer,  that is EXACTLY how I want to be treated.  My sister was also treated like a star!  Can anyone say Concierge Skin Care Service?  If so, great because that is what my experience felt like.

If you need spots removed, have aged looking skin that appears dull, or if you would just like to have a more youthful appearance, feel free to contact the staff at Beautiful Faces today @ (888)528-3874.  You may also check out their web site @

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  • Hi Judith,

    Thank you for this very kind recommendation. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.


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