Gloves at the gas pump?

I was pulling up to a gas pump about 4 years ago when I noticed a man blowing snot out of his nose with his bare hands and no tissue. He let the snot fall right in front of the pump and used his hands to wipe off any excess snot. Next, he picked up the pump with those same “nasty hands” and began to pump gas.

I was completely disgusted! At that moment, I vowed NEVER to use my bare hands to pump gas. I knew that the gas pump and the hundreds of people that touch them make the pump a cesspool for germs and infection. These days, with the high cost of gas prices, it would be a shame to pick up germs from the pump after I have already been gouged at the gas pump financially. Lol!

Do you use gloves at the gas pump? Do you think that it’s a good idea? If you think that I have gone too far with this idea, let me know. Please leave a comment and share your opinion?

3 Responses to “Gloves at the gas pump?”

  • Debie:

    Hi please email back.
    I always use gloves at the gas pumps. In england you can just get them for free but sometimes i use my pink latex ones. Will you send me a picture of youre gloves which you wear

  • Hi Debie,

    Thanks for reading and commenting on this posting.

    Judith uses Playtex latex gloves at the pump. It is wonderful that England provides the gloves for the gas pump. Perhaps, the U.S. can adopt such a great idea.

  • Guest:

    Wow, that’s gross – and I’m a guy. Seriously, some folks have no clue what hygiene and manners are. Some may call may me OCD, but I’d rather see myself as a hygiene-savvy. I’ve always been very concern about germs and bacteria – I even hesitate to share food and drink with others.

    With so many diseases out there these days, you may ended up getting sick simply by touching stuff, and that’s something that most people are not fully aware of. Thus, your idea is really neat, and everyone should adopt it at large scale for sanitary reasons.

    Also bear in mind not to wear the same gloves for different tasks, since they carry bacteria from place to place. These Playtex gloves shown on the picture are great and last forever – saving your money. In addition to that, you could also keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse.

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