You Are Lovable and Capable, Special, and Unique!

I was thinking about what to write today, I decided that I want this letter to address the self-esteem of my beautiful young ladies.  When I was a girl in the fourth grade there was an elderly African-American woman who would come to my class often to encourage the kids and tell us that we were VALUABLE.  I do not remember the older woman’s name, but I know that she had a great impact on my life.

She would ask the whole class to repeat after her and we would say, “I AM LOVEABLE AND CAPABLE, SPECIAL, AND UNIQUE!”

From the very first time I recited this line, I believed it.  Somewhere deep inside of me I felt like this woman had understood how I felt and at that very young age she gave me the vocabulary to speak my feelings.  Once I believed these words I was able to live my life in a way that said I do believe and care about myself.  I love me!

I want you young ladies to love YOU!!!  Take time to get to know yourselves, listen to yourselves and your intuitions (the voice that tells you what is right and wrong).  Please do not allow negative people or situations to destroy your future and  your destiny.  Many of you have lived through horrible situations but because you lived through them, God has a plan for you to tell your story of overcoming those issues to others.  Remember that I love you and that you are valuable.  You CAN and WILL  do great things!

5 Responses to “You Are Lovable and Capable, Special, and Unique!”

  • Emily:

    Did you grow up in Pasadena in the 1980’s by any chance? I was just thinking of an African American woman who came to my 3rd grade class and had all of us say, “I am lovable and capable, special and unique!” All the kids loved her visit. I’ve thought of that so many times in my life, and I know that one day in 3rd grade was tremendously helpful to my life. I’m a mom now, and I was just wondering if that woman’s visit was part of an organized program. So, I searched the phrase and found this.

  • Hi Emily,

    Thanks for visiting

    Yes, I did grow up in Pasadena at that time. I remember the older lady that came to our classes and empowered us with these powerful words. I do not think that she was a part of an organized program, I think this was just her personal “labor of love.”

  • Zena:

    I too grew up in Pasadena during this time. All through my life when I was going through tough times,feeling my lowest or overwhelmed I used these words to inspire myself. They were my daily affirmations. I remember we did an art project with the acronym and were also taught to say it like this. I.A.L.A.C.,S.A.U pronounced I alack saw. Although she may have left this world by now she left behind a legacy with those few words. The are very profound and life changing. I taught those words to my children and I’m now teaching them to my grandchildren. Wow what a difference a few kind words can make and allow you to believe in yourself when you feel like no one else does! So glad she touched my life and her words continue to live on!

  • Jack:

    I was in living in Pasadena and attended grammar school there in a class that was taught by Mrs. Irby if I can remember correctly. Does this ring a bell? I am now teaching my children this beautiful statement to ensure they focus on self positive affirmation. I wish I could thank her for teaching me this thought process to help reframe my negative thoughts.

  • Thanks for reading the blog Jack! Honestly, I do not remember her name, but I appreciate her legacy and I am so glad that you do too.

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