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There Is Always Hope!

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As we approach the end of March 2016, I am reminded that there is ALWAYS hope.  We live in uncertain times. Many people are still under-employed or unemployed.  Some people are overcome with fear from terrorism abroad and locally. Others are facing health and relationship challenges due to fear, stress, and financial strain.

Despite the circumstances that you are currently facing, remember that you are NOT alone. There is a God, whom I call Jesus, who is always available to help us if we turn to Him and ask for his help. The great thing about Jesus is that He will not interfere with your life unless he is invited to enter (such a gentleman).

In closing, please do not allow your circumstances to deceive you into thinking that you are void of hope, that you will never recover, or that your life is so bad that you should end it. Those negative voices and internal impressions are lies!  You still have a future, a destiny, and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11). Simply believe that your life will get better and become better than it ever was before.

Remember, that I am always praying for you and if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to leave a message on the site.


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