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Chicago Adventure – August 2015

John Hancock Bldg Chicago

Hey TVI:JWJ Readers!

I am so happy to reach out to you all again. I know that I have been busy, but my life drastically changed a year in a half ago, so I had to adjust in order to pursue another life long dream.  All that being said, I am glad to share my Virgin Escapade Chicago Weekend with you all.

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the American Bar Association’s after hours events with a friend. I had a blast!  We had a chance to take in the sites of Chicago and to see a really funny play called “Soul Brother, Where Art Thou?”  It was a witty and intelligently written piece about the absolutely mundane parts of life as well as the social and political monstrocities that are currently plaguing the United States and abroad. This play really gave the audience a chance to take a good look at ourselves and hopefully challenge us to rise up in our personal live and make positive changes in society.  Sorry guys, I just got on that soap box and could not get down.  Lol! I said all that to say, if you are in the Chicago area, you SHOULD go to see this play.

Lastly, I met some really awesome men this weekend who are leaders in their particular industries.  I was reminded that if I look and if I remain PRESENT in my own life, there are always undiscovered GEMS in my midst. This weekend, I discovered some human gems that I hope to build long lasting relationships with.

Chicago Play

Chicago Play

Lollapalooza Chicago_jpg

Lollapalooza Chicago August 1, 2015

urban garden chicago

Urban Garden Downtown Chicago

Until next time……….


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