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More Than Pretty LA Event Hosted by Gospel Singer Erica Campbell

On Saturday, May 23, 2015 I attended the “More Than Pretty Los Angeles Event” where gospel singer Erica Campbell of the gospel duo Mary Mary was the hostess and Creator of the event.  The event was designed to discuss Christianity, sexuality, and health. Erica was graciously welcoming all of her guests as Megan Good and her husband Devon Franklin were on-looking.

More Than Pretty LA

More Than Pretty LA

The singles panel discussed sex from a Christian perspective. It was great and easy to relate too.  After a few questions from hostess Erica Campbell the debate between the panelist was a little heated.  Next up, a 23 year old virgin asked a question about whether or not she should continue to abstain until marriage. She was encouraged to follow God’s plan and given stories from other young ladies who did not follow God’s plan for their sexual lives and how they were affected.

More Than Pretty Singles Panel LA

More Than Pretty Singles Panel LA

Lastly, on the “Marriage Panel” we had hostess Erica Campbell and her husband and famed Music Producer Warryn Campbell, and Devon Franklin and Megan Good to name a few.  Devon Franklin and Megan Good shared their love story about abstaining from sex prior to marriage and how this decision improved the quality of their lives in every area.

The event marked the beginning of something great!  This event helped to begin the dialogue between  men and woman about sex and Christianity. The event discussed sex and living a Christian lifestyle  in the 21st Century.  The dialogue will continue from city to city until there is more understanding and hopefully safe sex practicing among Christians and non-Christians alike.  I know that many of you would like to ask questions and add your voice to this topic.  So, if you would like to join the discussion, I suggest that you buy your tickets and add your voice to the conversation when the event comes to a city near you.  In closing, whether you are a Christian or not, remember that your body is valuable and that you are…..”More than Pretty” so require yourself to be honored in every way whether you are single or married.

Happy Memorial Day 2015


“The Virgin’s Island: Journey With Judith” would like to thank all of the military families that are and have served this country.  We salute and honor your contributions today!

We would like to wish each and everyone a happy and safe holiday!


What does your quality of life depend on?

Health = Wealth

Health = Wealth

I consider myself in the prime of my life at 42 years old.  I am not so young and inexperienced that life is overly stressful and I am not so old that I cannot fully enjoy life or live solely in the victories of the past. As I contemplate where I am in my life, I had a personal epiphany.  What do I want my quality of life to be?  Then it hit me!  For me, my quality of life as it pertains to having my own family, career, my educational goals, and other personal aspirations ALL seem to hinge on the success of one thing……..HEALTH. I came from a family where many of my loved ones have passed away prematurely because of what they ate, how their bodies could not process what they ate (over time), illnesses, and ultimately their dependency on prescription medications which caused side effects in their bodies.

I said all of that so that I can pose this questions to all of my Readers.  What does YOUR quality of life depend on and why?  What will you do to improve your quality of life?  Why or why not?

Facets of Life Depend on Health

Facets of Life Depend on Health

Uninsured Motorist Nightmare With Liberty Mutual


At the beginning of summer 2013, my sister and I had just purchased breakfast from a restaurant and we were the first car in our lane, stopped at a red light. My sister and I were laughing hysterically about something funny. As I threw my head back in laughter my sister and I were rear ended. I was shocked but began to mash down on the brakes to avoid being pushed into the intersection where traffic in the opposite direction was moving and had the right of way.

A small man exited the vehicle. He was Hispanic and heavily tattooed. I asked him what happened, “He pointed to a toddler in the back seat and said I was turning around to attend to my son.”  Of course, I thought to myself, “Are you an idiot?  Why not just pull over and attend to your child?”  I held my peace and did not argue with the man because I was limping around out of my car as my right ankle was hurt. I could not put weight on my ankle and it felt like I had loose change in my right ankle.  I told the man that we needed to exchange information. He did not have a license on him, but he provided his identification. I photographed his identification card and his license plate and vehicle identification numbers so that my insurance company and his insurance company would be able to identify the vehicle. In the State of California insurance follows the vehicle and not the individual.  The whole time I had a feeling in my gut that this guy was lying to me.  He said he was sorry and drove way.

A few hours later, my sister and I were in pain.  We searched through the phone book to find an Urgent Care that could take us on the weekend as this accident happened on a Saturday morning. My sister and I both suffered back injuries and I came to find out that I also suffered from a dislocated ankle, which would explain why I could not put pressure on my ankle.

On Monday, I called the other party’s insurance only to find out what I had already felt in my gut on the day of the car accident. The guy that hit me was uninsured and had not been insured for at least 7 months prior.  I immediately contacted my insurance company (Liberty Mutual). I carry full coverage on my policy which includes uninsured motorist coverage, collision coverage, rental coverage, and medical payments coverage. My sister and I treated and the company paid the collision coverage and waived the deductible. I did not use the rental coverage because I could not drive due to my right ankle being hurt.

The problem came when I tried to settle my claim and use my uninsured motorist coverage. Liberty Mutual continued delaying my claim. I called to speak to management and they never returned my calls, they only respond by email. Even after talks broke down with my Adjuster and I requested to speak with a Supervisor a Supervisor never called me back. This experience with  a company that I have been a loyal customer of for 10 years has treated me unfairly in the settling of my claim.  I would never again recommend anyone to Liberty Mutual because they did not seem to follow the Fair Claims 790 Regulations that are outlined by the California Department of Insurance. I provided all of the information for my claim to Liberty Mutual by the middle of August and I had still not been offered a fair UM settlement for this loss.

My advice to others is, make sure that you talk to other people about how they were treated when they made an auto insurance claim before choosing a company to carry your vehicle coverages. I was under the allusion that I had great insurance until I needed to make a UM claim.

To add insult to injury, when my policy renewed the next year, I was charged additional premium because I had to use my uninsured motorist coverage. So, after ten years of paying premium and not making any claims, this is how they treated me?  The answer was, “Yes!”  So when you see those ridiculous Liberty Mutual commercials where they say that they will replace your new vehicle if it is damaged and that they provide superior insurance coverage, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM.  In the past, I would probably let this moral infraction go without speaking about it, but in our current economy where living expenses (rent, food, gas, etc) have increased way beyond what the products are worth, I thought it was awful that this company would also resort to such horrific practices.  Liberty Mutual I am bidding you farewell!

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