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I Lost A Small Person!

Last October 2013, I embarked on a journey that I was more than ready for. At that time I was unable to enjoy the outdoors, exercise with great intensity, walk the mall, and I barely had the energy to do anything else.  I knew I had a problem, but I only had ONE more “try” left in me.  I told myself if I try to lose weight one more time and it does not work, I will just get surgery.  In my heart of hearts I did not want to get surgery because I did not want to feel like a failure.  I did not want to get surgery because I did not want to feel that I could not alter my eating behaviors on my own.  After all, I was a Psychology Major (undergrad), so why couldn’t I overcome bad eating behaviors and habits?  I thought to myself, I can do this, right?  Of course I can!

I pushed past self doubt and I lost 65 pounds in 3 1/2 months.  I was amazed!!!  I could walk swiftly, stand for hours while cooking, I could work outdoors in my yard, and I could just L-I-V-E and not merely EXIST.  I was LIVING AGAIN!

I decided to take four months off the diet to test myself and to see if my new behavioral changes had taken effect and it seemed that they had.  I learned many valuable lessons and I only gained back 8 pounds.

On June, 7, 2014 I began the weight loss journey again.  I have lost 20 pounds which makes my total weight loss 85 pounds.  WOW!  My goal is to lose 100 pounds and I am only 15 pounds away from the goal.  In fact, I have not been at my current weight in my entire adult life.  I have not been at this weight since 8th grade.  What a feeling!!!!  I feel like I climbed my weight loss mountain and conquered it.  Does anyone else know what I am saying?

Because I am feeling so alive and so blessed. I have decided to dedicate my life to helping myself and others change their behaviors about diet and health.  If you would like to join me on this life-altering journey please contact me using the information below:

Ideal Physique Santa Clarita, L.L.C.

28422 Constellation Road, Suite 113

Valencia, CA 91355

(661) 317-8093


This is what I look like today.

I conquered my mountain of weight!

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