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Ode To Black History Month – 2014

On behalf of African-American women all over America, I would like to thank Sara Breedlove, also known as Madam C.J. Walker for inventing the first hair straightening hot comb which allowed her to become the first self made millionaire in America.



Dr. Charles R. Drew is a hero for creating the first tools that taught the medical community how to preserve blood.








Patricia Bath invented a method for removing cataract lenses.







Elijah Mc Coy created an oil-dripping cup to lubricate the steam engines for trains and boats.







African-Americans have made a considerable impact on American culture and lifestyle.  The inventions and contributions of African-Americans during pre-slavery and post-slavery are enormous.  Let’s all take the time to pay homage to the contributions of our ancestors in America and abroad. African-American or Black History is a part of the foundational fabric of America. Let’s celebrate!



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Dr. V’s Ideal Protein Diet – Week 18 – Phase 3

Down 65 pounds

Down 65 pounds

Down 65 Pounds

I AM DOWN 65 POUNDS AS OF TODAY – Blood pressure pills are a thing of the past cause I don’t need them!

I just wanted everyone to know that I am phasing off of the Dr. V Ideal Protein Diet program.  Currently, I am in Phase 3 of Dr. V’s diet which means that I am slowly integrating all foods (bread, fruits, & dairy) and fats back into my diet for the next few weeks.  Even during this phase, I am losing weight. Sounds good, right?  Well, I weighed in today and I lost 3 more pounds. I still have 35 to 40 more pounds to lose, but I am going to do that with my fabulous personal Trainer Ellen who created the Balacore (see the blog Links for more information on the Dr. V Diet and the Balacore). Check out my weight-loss statistics below.

Inches lost from my Arms: 4.5

Inches lost from my chest: 7.5

Inches lost from my thorax: 9.5

Inches lost from my waist: 5.5

Inches lost from my hips: 9.5

Inches lost from my thighs: 3.5

Total Inches Lost: 48.5

For those of you who want to change the way that you feel and look for 2014, please join me on this journey. Invest in yourself and your family by getting healthy. You will be glad that you did!



Confession For Strength

Join our “Eat Your Words Campaign 2014.”  Our campaign is designed to help you change your words, which in turn, could help you change the circumstances in your life. Join the challenge today!

“God supplies complete strength to every fiber of my being and every cell in my body.”

Dr. V’s Ideal Protein Diet – Week 16- Phase 2

Dear JWJ Readers,

I would like to thank all of my readers who have wished me well on my new lifestyle change.  I appreciate your prayers and support.  Your support pushed me and encouraged me in ways that you will never know.

Now, here’s the good news.  I am over half-way from my goal.  Yay!!!  In 16 weeks I have lost 62 pounds. No this was not a typo, I lost 62 pounds (smiling).

Today, I was in my kitchen cooking for the week, and I remembered the first time I stood in my kitchen trying to make my first week’s meal.  The first week that I was standing in my kitchen to cook for the week, I was miserable.  My knees hurt, I was sweating profusely, and within about a half hour my back hurt so badly, that I needed to take pain medication.  My life and my body were out of control!  I knew I had to change my life and keep the changes long-term. Sure, I have lost weight before, but stress had caused me to gain it all back.

This program has allowed me to think differently about what I eat and why I eat it. As an emotional eater, these tools are/were very important for me.

Like I said, I still have a ways to go, but I am over half-way from my goal.  In this next phase I intend to incorporate exercise into my program as I want my body to be firm and toned.  In case you are wondering if I did any exercise in order to lose my initial 62 pounds, the answer is “No.”

If you have any questions about this diet program, please feel free to reach out to me by sending me a comment on this blog.


Happy President’s Day 2014

HAPPY PRESIDENT’S DAY!  Enjoy the legacy and freedoms that we are afforded.  God bless America and the world.

Health Confession

My family and I am healthy and whole. My family and I will not be affected by any diseases (i.e. diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure,  muscular issues, mental issues, gynecological, or prostate issues, etc).  My family and I will live in health for the rest of of our lives. We will age gracefully and never have to use canes, walkers, hearing aids, or lose our memories.

Intelligence Confession

I am intelligent. God has given me witty ideas and the ability to run successful businesses or to be successful in my career. My career, ideas, and businesses will sustain my family and I for generations to come.

Relationship Confession

I have a circle of friends and family that are trustworthy, loving, and giving. All of my relationships flourish and get better with time.

Finance Confession

I AM DEBT FREE!  I am living debt-free.  I own all of the things that my family and I need (i.e. cars, homes, etc).  I am a lender and NOT a borrower.

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