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Congrats!! Great Job!

Dear Young Ladies and Young Men,

As the school year (2013) comes to end, I hope that you reflect on the work that you have done this year.  You faced obstacles, time restraints, family issues, problems with friends, and many more issues, but you made it.  Are you proud of yourself?  You should be.  You did it!

For those of you who are graduating, I want to personally congratulate you for your hard work and perseverance.  As you move into the next phase of your life, remember to always set a new goal for yourself.  Make a plan of success. Find a mentor.  Find someone who you can be accountable to and who will talk to you on weekly or monthly basis to ensure that you stay on track towards you dreams and goal.

As always, I want you to know that I love you and I am praying for you.

Leave a comment and let us know what your next educational or career goal will be.

My Health Journey: 4th Day Without Refined Sugar

Today is May 27, 2013 and it’s my fourth day off of refined sugar.  I must admit that the first 2 days were horrible, but after the second non refined sugar day, I was feeling alright.  I always feel better when I cut refined sugar out of my diet, but the problem has been, once I start eating it again it is hard to stop, so my goal is to remember the good feelings that I have when I do not eat it and take it moment by moment.

My goal is to go 365 days without refined sugar.  I am taking it slowly, meaning one day at at time.

Pictured above is my  new snack which is made up of granola, sesame seeds, and pumpkin seeds.

What’s is your health struggle?  Leave a comment and share your story.


Do you have questions about chiropractic care?

Click the link below and listen to Dr. David Reuben of After Hours Chiropractic in Canyon Country, California as he answers questions about chiropractic treatments.

Dr. David also works at “The Gentle Barn” where he treats sick rescue animals.

Listen to his interview below: #BlogTalkRadio


Happy Memorial Day 2013

The Virgin’s Island: Journey With Judith staff would like to wish everyone a wonderful and safe “Memorial Day.”  We would like to extend heartfelt gratitude for those in our armed forces and our local police and fire stations that protect and serve our interest everyday at the risk of their own lives.  We honor all of the soldiers that lost their lives in pursuit of our freedom. Thank you!!!

Please respect yourself and others by NOT drinking and driving.  You are valuable and so are the lives of others.

Enjoy your weekend!


My Health Journey Has Re-Emerged (May 2013)

I have not written about my weight loss journey because I had a few obstacles in the road of my life to deal with. I felt as though weight loss would have been impossible for me, unless I cleared the path and removed those obstacles.  The obstacles that I faced were extremely stressful for me and that stress was causing me to gain weight in my mid-section, even though I was working out and eating relatively well.  Anyway, I decided that I needed to change my pursuit from weight loss to reducing my stressors. It’s been five (5) months since 2013 turned over and this month (May), makes the first month that I actually feel like the heavy burden that I was carrying has been lifted.  Thank God!  Thank God!  Oh yea, I really do thank God!!!

Now that the burden has been lifted, I feel like I have the ability to forge ahead full force with my weight loss mission. This time I am focused and committed. I intend to take slow and steady steps in the direction of the vision that I have for myself.  For me, I have a complete vision to improve myself emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I feel that I have to improve myself as a whole in order to improve myself at all.

Check out my before and after photos.  The after photos with me in the salmon jacket is what I look like right now.

Please leave a comment if you would like to join me on this journey towards wholeness (healthy and happy).  Let’s recommit together!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hello JWJ Readers,

Well, this is it! You have the opportunity to shower your Mom with attention and love.  It is wonderful to thank the person who gave you life. Also, remember to show love and appreciation to the women who nurtured you and who supported you, just like a Mother.

Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Cinco De Mayo is a day of Mexican tradition and honor.  In 1861, the Mexican army defeated the French army even though the French army far outnumbered the Mexican army.

Enjoy family and friends!  Please do NOT drink and drive.









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Where Do You Find Your Happy?

Hey TVI: JWJ Readers,

This week is all about you!  In two (2) sentences or less, tell us where or how you find your happy place.

We want to hear from you!

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