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Health/Weight Journey – Food Aversion

I lost 20 lbs within 6 weeks.  People started to notice and ask me what I have been doing.  I told them about my Trainer (Ellen Como) and her wonderful innovative work-out equipment called the Balacore.  People said, “Wow, you look good!”  For me that struck one of my hot-button issues.  I hate when people feel that they know me or that they can tell the kind of person that I am based on what I look like.  For years, I have intentionally kept weight on to keep superficial and people who have a thwarted view of what’s important in life AWAY from me.  I know this must sound weird, but as a child, I have witnessed so many women who were emotionally, mentally, and physically abused by men.  As a little girl, I remember thinking that these men chose these women because they were beautiful, but it was almost as if those men made it their mission to tear down those women.   I noticed that women who were once beautiful and vibrant became withdrawn and suffered from very low self-esteem. I vowed that I would never let anyone abuse me that way.  As I moved into college, I noticed that many young girls were throwing themselves at guys to gain attention on campus.  Again, I vowed that would never be me, so I threw myself into my studies and began to neglect my physical body.  After all, I believed that my soul, and how I treated others was so much more important than what I looked like on the outside.

Anyway, sorry I went off on a tangent, but I guess I needed to get that out.  Getting back to recent events, after people told me that I looked better,  I picked up a box of delicious pop tarts from Trader Joes and began to eat them.  Usually, when I am compulsively wanting a food, I eat until it makes me ill and then I don’t want it anymore.  I thought I would try this same tactic with these pop tarts, but it didn’t work.  I think I have been eating them for a week straight.  Of course, these pop tarts have halted my weight loss, but at least I know why my progress has been halted and how to change it.  I have not gained weight, but I have not been losing either.  No, I am not eating an entire box in one sitting, but I find myself drawn to the box as if it helps me to directly oppose the compliments that people have been giving me about my appearance.  Weird, but true!

So, from today forward, based on Ellen’s advice, I will only have a pop tart on Saturday.  Saturday will be my cheat day.  I can do this because my body is a temple and God wants my temple to be healthy in order to do His work.  I have to get over how my smaller image makes other people react, but this part of my emotional/psychological weight loss journey may take a while.

Pressing on. ……and on………and on…………………

Re-Virgin Campaign -2012

Hey JWJ Readers,

Since the inception of this web site, I have received many emails and comments from women who regret giving up their virginity.  Many women have told me that they wish that they had waited until they were more mature, until they were in a truly loving relationship, or until they were emotionally mature enough to deal with the aftermath of sex without a long-lasting loving relationship.

Well, I have an idea!  I am challenging every woman who wishes that she had waited before she had sex or women who are refusing to have sex again until they find husbands or find themselves, please join the “The Virgin’s Island: Journey With Judith Campaign” and become a RE-VIRGIN! We will also be discussing this topic on the new blog talk radio show coming this Fall.

It’s simple,  just comment at the bottom of the posting and take the pledge as a vow to yourself, God, and the community.  Don’t worry, if you do not want to post here on the site, you don’t have to, just join the campaign!

The Pledge

I vow that I will NOT allow my body to be used as a toy by anyone, but I will treat my body, mind, and soul like a sacred temple by abstaining from sex until I am ……..(fill in your own blank). Remember this is your personal vow so you need to make your own declaration as to why you need to be a RE-VIRGIN.  Please share this concept with your daughters, friends, and family.  No one is excluded and your past is just that, your history. Come on, let’s RE-VIRGINIZE together.

“Slaves 4 Chocolate”

I am sure that we have all heard of the term “blood diamonds.”  A decade or so ago, the light was shone upon the mal-treatment of diamond workers in Africa.  This information caused us to change the way we buy diamonds by requiring diamond vendors to disclose where they obtained their diamonds.  If certain diamond mines treated workers poorly, then consumers were not interesting in buying diamonds from vendors who force their workers to work in inhuman work environments.

Well, it appears that many of the major chocolate suppliers in America are purchasing cocoa beans from chocolate suppliers that enslave young boys and abuse them in order to make them harvest cocoa beans.   Many of the enslaved boys were taken from surrounding villages in other countries and taken to the Ivory Coast, a small nation on the western coast of Africa, and they are forced to work (Velasquez, 2012).  Velasquez (2012) stated, “The farmers whip, beat, and starve the boys to force them to do the hot, difficult work of clearing the fields, harvesting the beans, and drying them in the sun.  The boys work from sunrise to sunset (pg 65).”

Did you know that chocolate in America is a $13 billion dollar industry (Valesquez, 2012)?  In America, Americans eat or use 3.1 billion pounds of chocolate on a yearly basis (Velasquez).  Four of the largest United States chocolate producers and sellers, use the cocoa beans from the suppliers that enslave young boys.  The four largest chocolate makers in the United States are: Hershey Food Corporation (who make Reeses and Almond Joy) M & M Mars Inc (who make Mars, Twix, Dove, and Milky Ways), Nestle USA (who make Nestle Crunch, Kit Kat, Baby Ruth, & Butterfingers) and lastly Kraft Foods which uses chocolate in their products (Velasquez, 2012).

Many of the high end or smaller chocolate companies in the United States have chosen NOT to use cocoa beans that were harvested by enslaved boys (Velasquez, 2012).  Consumers can proudly purchase their chocolate from these companies (Clif Bar, Cloud Nine, Daboga Organic Chocolate, Denman Island Chocolate, Gardners Candies, Green and Black’s, Kailua Candy Company, Kopper’s Chocolate, L.A. Burdick Chocolates, Montezuma’s Chocolate, Newman’s Own Organics, Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company, Rapunzel Pure Organics, and the Endangered Species Chocolate Company (Valesquez, 2012).

The major U.S. chocolate manufacturers have been aware that they are using cocoa beans from farms where the boys are enslaved since 2001 (Valesquez, 2012).

So, what will you do to help these young men who are being exploited and forced to work for no pay?  Will you continue to purchase your favorite chocolate bars?

Leave a comment and tell us how you feel about this article.



Velasquez, M. G. (2012). Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases (7th edition). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc, 64-67.






My Health Journey #10 : Lifestyle Changes

Judith Laughing As Usual

My health journey is still underway.  For the past month, I have cut out gluten by 50%.  I have been eating more fruits and vegetables, eating smaller quantities, I have greatly reduced bread by replacing it with whole grains, and I do not eat after 6:30 p.m.  When my trainer (Ellen) first presented me with this “lifestyle-eating plan” I was not eager to try another plan.  In fact, I was tired of trying eating plans that do not seem to work for me.

Well, after 4 weeks, I am proud to report that I lost 17 pounds on this plan.  Well, that was the amount that I lost the last time I weighed-in, about two weeks ago. I am not a person who is bound by the number on the scale, but I am addicted to feeling healthy and having enough energy to do all of the tasks that I need to fulfill within a day.

Lastly, my Trainer also has me on a rigorous training program that is non-straining on my back.  After her workouts I am sore for days, but I always feel better as a whole (i.e. mind and body).  My goal is to be at a healthy weight by the time I turn 40 years old in January.  Yes, I know that I only have four months, but this time, I feel confident that my body transformation will be long-lasting because I have a found a motivation worth fighting for.

Leave a comment and share your struggles or triumphs with healthy eating.  Also, please send me healthy snack recipes that do not include nuts, peanuts, or nuts of any kind.


A New Breed of Radio Entertainment: Relationship Advice from a Virgin

“The Virgin’s Island: Journey With Judith” is excited about coming to blogtalkradio in the Fall 2012.

Judith’s personality is compassionate, electric, and honest.  She is talented at discussing many topics while making us look within ourselves and laugh at ourselves all at the same time.  Judith intends to talk about many topics which include:

  • Relationship advice from the perspective of a 39 Year Old Virgin.
  • Topics suggested by the listening audience.
  • Ways to improve our communities.

Are you ready for a different voice on the airwaves? Would you like to hear relationship advice from a Virgin?  If so, you must tune into our new show in the Fall 2012.  You will not be disappointed and you will be able to call in and speak to Judith on air.

We appreciate your continued support and we ask you to join Judith’s journey as she moves to the radio airwaves.


Dear Young Ladies and Young Gentleman:

Today I was thinking about the word “imagination.”  I was thinking about our changing society and how we are constantly bombarded with television, computers, video games, and cell phones.  I agree technology has given us the convenience to obtain information that we want and need in a matter of moments.    On the other hand, I believe that these same technologies can be a hindrance to our innate ability to simply imagine.

How does one imagine?  Imagination happens when you are able to shut out everything and just sit with yourself to ponder and think.  Did you know that most of the inventions were created because someone imagined that there was a better solution to a problem?  When Thomas Edison created electricity he was laughed at and mocked, but he was driven by an incessant thought that told him that light could be everywhere at any time and that he would not have to use a lantern or candle to read or study.

So, will you take 2 hours out of your day or your week just to imagine.  Think about the things that you would like to change.  Perhaps you are the next great inventor, songwriter, or author?

If you are willing to take the imagination challenge, please leave a comment on the blog.  Continue your journey.

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