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What do you call your “something?”

Have you ever been in a situation or been faced with a problem, then later, you realized that you made the wrong decision?  After the decision was made, have you ever said, “Something told me not to do or say that?”

Consider the examples below.  Maybe you will see yourself in one of these examples:

Have you ever been in an unfamiliar area of town or out at night by yourself?  Suddenly you heard “something” say, “Don’t go down that street?”

Have you ever needed to catch a plane or train or be at an important meeting but “something” just kept getting in your way?

How many times have we all failed to listen to our inner-voices?  How many times have we been hurt by someone or something simply because we ignored our inner-voice or that voice we call “something”?

Well, I call my “something” God and as I get older, I find myself becoming more sensitive to his voice and his gentle way of telling me when to leave or stay in a friendship, relationship, an event, a job, etc.

So, I ask you all, what do you call your “something” and why?

Please feel free to leave a comment.  Remember your comments help others so please SHARE (smilie).


What will your legacy be?

Dear Young Ladies and Young Men,

I know that I usually write a letter to you all about something that I think that you may need to know, but this week I would like to ask you all a question.

Lately, I have noticed many young girls and young men who behave in ways that will not benefit them in the future.  For example, I was driving past a junior high school the other day and noticed young girls fighting, cursing, and wearing very revealing clothes.  I also noticed young boys smoking, screaming, throwing objects at cars, and wearing sagging pants.  I do understand that we live in a society that suggests to young people that you can live life without consequences, but let me assure you that this notion is untrue.  I would just like to advise you all that there is always a consequence for any and everything you do.

So, my question is, while you are living and when you pass away, how do you want to be remembered?  What legacy (what will you be known for) do you want people to associate with your life?

Leave a comment and tell me what you want your legacy to be.


HOPE @ Sunset

I was driving home one day and I had a lot on my mind.  I was feeling the pressure of needing to make a very important decision, but I did not have peace about the decision that I was about to make.  Life experience has taught me never to continue forward with a decision that I am still confused about.  As I was driving on the freeway, I glanced over and saw this marvelous sight. I grabbed my cell phone and took this picture (in a safe manner).  This scene gave me my answer, which was, “Don’t make the decision right now.”  Relax.  This photo gave me “hope” and I pray that it does the same for you.

Leave a comment and let me know how the scene of the sky makes you feel or if you feel anything at all.


Berge’s Sandwich Shop in La Canada/Flintridge, CA

Are you tired of having the same old boring lunch from the same old boring places? If so, check out a family owned business that I found.  I was driving past Berge’s Sandwiches one day and just had a feeling that this place would be a great place to eat. I am so happy that my intuition was not wrong!

Upon entering the establishment, the owner greeted my sister and I with a smile and told us that he has been in business for 40 years.  He was awesome!  He let us sample his tomato bisque soup and it was amazing.  He is reasonably priced, but leave those atm and credit cards at home because this small business owner does business the way he creates his soups and sandwiches……the old fashioned way.  He only accepts cash, but that is a small convenience to give up for such well-made high quality food. 

Oh yea, I had the pastrami reuben sandwich (pictured-above). The owner uses low fat pastrami and it tastes and digest very easily as it is cut very thinly.  If you are in the La Canada/Flintridge area, check this wonderful establishment out and tell them Journey With Judith sent you.

Location Information:  Berge’s Sandwiches, 1044 Foothill Blvd, La Canada Flintridge, CA 91011 (818) 790-2422.


YOU are enough!

Dear Young Ladies and Young Gentleman,

Today, I would like to share a quote that came to me today.  Here it is:

“When you know who you are, you will never allow anyone to tell you who you are not.”

Simply put, this quote means, when you understand that God has a unique purpose and design for your life in this world, you will NEVER allow anyone else to minimize who you are as a person and the contributions that you can and will make in the world.

Think about this quote for a minute.  Now repeat it a few times out loud.  By repeating it aloud, you are making a declaration over yourself and this will help you to embrace the idea over time, if you do not understand or believe the quote right now.

I want you to take out time this week to write down 3 things about you that YOU think make you special.  If you would like to share those 3 things here on the blog, then simply leave a comment under this posting. 

Remember that I love you and that I am ALWAYS praying for you!




Two Palm Trees Metaphor for Separation

For those of you who are avid TVI:JWJ readers, you know that I love taking pictures because I often see the world through pictures. I was sitting outside my sister’s job one day waiting for her to come out when I noticed the trees below.  I think that these trees struck a chord with me because I am constantly trying to understand the human need for connectedness and to discover for myself how much or how little connectedness I really need.   I am constantly trying to find a healthy balance of connectedness, but more importantly trying to be careful that I have chosen the right people to be connected to.  Do you all understand what I am saying?  Am I the only one who ponders these thoughts?

Anyway, the palm trees reminded me of the many relationship that no longer work and that have become distant.  When I saw the trees, I thought to myself, “What are the options that should be taken when a personal relationship (friend, family, marriage) looks like these trees?”.  Should a person, 1) leave the relationship, 2) repair the relationship, or 3) stay in the relationship even though they are clearly separated.  I do not know why this picture caused me to think in this way, but I do not believe that anything is an accident, so I decided to share my thoughts and feelings with you the readers.

Leave a comment and give your impressions or feelings about these trees and how they relate to relationships in your life.  If you were describing your own relationships, how would your tree and the tree of the person or people in your life look?  Please share your story here in the comments section because they really help other people.

Christ’s Passion

Happy Sacred Seaon to everyone!

To everyone who celebrates Lent, Passover, or the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, please enjoy this time to celebrate your faith and the reason for your beliefs.



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