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Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

I will be spending time with the people that I LOVE the most……family and friends.

Life is short and tomorrow is NOT promised so I intend to ENJOY my today.

I am grateful for life, health, and the ability to give and receive LOVE. Leave a comment and tell us what you are grateful for today.

Backpack;Travel Lightly

I was talking to my play little sister AB (she’s the little sister that I always wanted, but never had) and two other ladies last Saturday about going on a mission trip to Nigeria. One of the ladies in the group said, “I’ve gotta make sure I pick out the right kind of luggage.” I laughed and said, “You won’t need any luggage because you will not have room especially with all of the walking that we may need to do. You will have to learn how to pack seven (7) days of clothes and toiletries in a camping backpack.” After I said that, the conversation kind of died down. It was almost as if everyone needed to digest that comment.

Two days ago, I was talking to AB again. This time she reminded me of the backpack comment. I asked her why she remembered that comment. She said that the comment spoke to her about life. She said that when I made the comment about the backpack, she understood that she has to remember how to travel lightly through life. It hit me like a ton a bricks. I understood exactly what she meant, because that was the revelation that I had uncovered during an after the trip I took to Peru earlier this year.

In short, I just wanted to share this lesson. There is power in understanding that there are many “things” that we can live without. Perhaps, living our greatest lives depends on our ability to reduce the things around us and move forward. Sometimes, when we distance ourselves from the “things” that our society has told us that we need, we find true wholeness and find ourselves. I think that this message can also be evidenced through the 2011 movie with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts called “Larry Crowne.”

Jicama Salad Recipe

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about the wonders of the jicama vegetable. I am in love with this vegetable! A recipe for a salad with jicama was given to me by my sister’s friend named Joan P. Enjoy!

Jicama Salad

Any kind of meat or fish
Beans (garbanzo, kidney, black, or pinto)
Craisins or mandarin oranges
Green Lettuce and or spinach
Persian cucumbers
Red bell pepper
Shredded carrots

Dressing: Paul Newman’s or Ken’s light balsamic vinaigrette

If you make the salad, please leave a comment and let me know if you enjoyed it or not. Also, if you have a great recipe that includes jicama, send me the recipe and I will post it on the blog.

“The Witch Doctor Will See You Now” Follow-Up

I have been receiving many comments about the show. For all of you who tuned in to the show, many thanks (big hug)!

I just wanted to do a follow-up blog about the show. Tell me what you thought about the show. Would you try the treatments if you had the chance? Do you think that Western Medicine could learn from the holistic medicinal treatments of the world? Do you have any questions that you would like to ask me about the show and my role in it?

Leave a comment and tell me what you think, I am always interested in your thoughts!

Happy Veteran’s Day!!

To all of the men, women, and families that sacrifice their lives and have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of others, I thank you. You are appreciated and in my prayers.

The Witch Doctor Will See You Now!

Hey everyone!

I was cast in this holistic medicine film. We filmed in Peru in the Amazon Jungle and we had a great time. The cast and crew of this National Geographic film were all great! If you would like to see Piers Gibbon, Michael Wudyka, and me in this film, then tune into the National Geographic Channel on Thursday, November 10, 2011. Check your local listings for the time.

See you all in the jungle! Lol!

You have to start somewhere!

Last week I received many emails and comments on the JWJ Facebook Fanpage from people who loved the blog called, “Do it Afraid!” Thanks so much for your readership and the dialogue, I think communication strengthens our world-wide community (big smile).

This week’s blog is based on a conversation I had with a friend. A friend called me and said the following, “I wish I could start a business, but I’m not like you.” Starting a business is not that difficult. Neither I nor the other thousands of people who started a business have the patent on this novel idea. Lol.

In order to start your own business you simply have to decide what kind of business you want to have, do research, speak to other small business owners, seek expert advise, make a plan, follow the plan (even if you are only taking baby steps). Last step, realize your goal. This week’s blog message is simply,

“You have to start somewhere!”

So what are you waiting for?

Leave a comment and tell me when you intend to start realizing your goal.

Dear Young Ladies & Young Gentleman

Dear Young Ladies & Young Men:

When I was four years old, I said that I wanted to be a Psychiatrist and drive a Porsche. My parents were asked where I got this idea from. My parents said that they did not know, especially since at that time, my family and I lived in the projects in a small city in Connecticut. As a four year old, I remember hating when it snowed because the chicken wire on our patio area would freeze. Being caged in like that made me feel like an animal. I knew then that I would never live in a place with bars and chicken looking wire because I felt like someone was trying to trap me in. Since then, I have continued to dream big. I have faced more than my share of failures and hardships, but I decided NEVER to give up because I was taught that God will never put more on you than you can bear. Please remember this!

If you are going through something that is hard to deal with, remember you can endure it. Use this difficulty as an opportunity to grow, learn from it, and then move forward. In life, you will always have a chance to move forward or start over….or start again. I know that as a young person, life seems so permanent, it is not. Whatever you are going through now will end, and you will be happy again. You will be whole again. You will live the life that you have dreamed for yourself….but you have to keep on moving and keep on dreaming.

If you are having a hard time right now, I suggest that you pray. Also, try to find someone mature that you trust to confide in. If it is a school or work issue, then try to find a mentor or a supportive person. Do not be afraid to ask good and trustworthy people to mentor or support you.

Remember that I love you and I am always praying for you.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

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