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Do It Afraid!

Three years ago I had the idea to start my own positive blog that would be a great site that the entire family could enjoy. I wanted to focus on the importance of the traditional family and how we as a community need to improve our relationship foundation with our family and then move our efforts to the community.

At that time, I was in corporate America working in the insurance industry. I had worked my way up through the ranks and moved from being an adjuster to a supervisor. After I reached the supervisor level, I still realized that I had no “real power” but I was just getting my orders directly from upper-management. I wanted to find a way out but I did not know how to start. I was afraid! After much toil and self-doubt, I decided to start planning the items that I would like to discuss in my blog. Next, I started thinking about the theme of the blog. I wanted the theme to represent my personality. Lastly, I decided that my fear of starting a new business was not as strong as my disdain for working in an industry where I had no power even though I was in a management position. I decided that my fear would not hold me captive and I was going to do something new.

I did my research about blogging and noticed that most blogs focused on the negative rather than the positive things in life. I immediately knew that what I wanted to do was going to be a challenge, but I have never been one to follow the crowd. Lol! I started to poll family, friends, and strangers about their interest in a potential blog about positive things. Most people did not understand the concept, some said they were not sure if it was a good idea, and others said nothing (I took their silence as a vote against my idea). The more I developed the idea, the more passionate I became about it. Next, I met a new friend who is a radio host, he was very positive about my idea. After telling him my idea, he said, “I like it!” “Just don’t forget to explain to people what makes you and your site different.” I finally felt validated, but I also understood that I needed to move forward with or without validation from others.

A few weeks ago, I was watching Joyce Meyer, a motivational speaker, who focuses on helping people enjoy their everyday lives. She wrote a book called, “Do It Afraid.” If you have a chance, please buy her book. I love her title and I realized that her book title clearly represented the sentiment that I had when I decided to do something that I love, which was to write. We all have ideas and dreams that we want to fulfill, but we have to decide if we are willing to “Do It Afraid!”

Do you have goals that you are not fulfilling because you are afraid? If so, leave a comment. Let’s take this journey together.


Meyer, J. (1996). Do it afraid! Obeying God in the face of fear. Fenton, Missouri: Time Warner Book Group.

We are what they ate!

Dr. Rubin is an awesome holistic doctor known around the world. He was extremely ill as a young man. His illness almost took his life. The other day, I was watching his show. He was talking about eating beyond organic. He was also talking about staying away from genetically modified organisms (GMO), which are foods engineered by humans and not grown naturally. As I was watching his show on the TBN Network called, “Living Beyond Organic”, Dr. Rubin said something that struck me deeply.

He said, “We are not what we eat, we are what they ate.”

Isn’t that profound? When he said these words, my mind began to think about current issues facing our meat supply. Because of poor foods that are given to farm animals, many of the animals are sick. When they are sick, they are often given an antibiotic. We as consumers eat the meat of these animals. Next, during the flu season, we may contract a virus or sickness. We go to our doctor and he or she may prescribe an antibiotic (which they usually do not these days because they may not work). We as patients take the antibiotics and sometimes we become resistant to the antibiotics because we already have antibiotics in our system from the meat that we ate. What an amazing concept right?

Hint: If you have little to no energy and you always feel sick and tired, you may be experiencing the effects of a poor diet.

As you can see, I am passionate about this topic. Please tell me what you think. What steps are you taking to ensure that you and your family are eating well? I would love to hear from you, leave a comment today.


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Rubin, J. (2008). Garden of life. Retrieved from

Will Smith Video

Dear Young Men:

When I saw this video from Will Smith, I was deeply moved. Why? Because Will Smith and I share very similar beliefs about our purpose and our beliefs when it comes to our life’s destiny. What Will says in this video is exactly what both of my parents taught me as a child. Remember, life is NOT about where you are right now, but about where you are going. Do you know where you are going in your life? If you think you know or even if you are not sure about the direction of your life, please find time to watch and listen to this video.

How are you?

Dear Young Ladies:

I sincerely hope that life is treating you well. I hope that school and/or work is going well. I also hope that you are finding time to simply have fun and enjoy your lives.

This week, I want to hear from you!

How do you ladies feel? What goals do you have for school this year? What goals do you have for life in general? How are you maintaining your emotional health? What would you like to share with me this week?

I want to hear from you! Feel free to answer the above questions or leave a comment.

Remember that I love you and I am praying for you.

Interview With UK Television Host Piers Gibbon

Photos by John Sullivan
I met Piers Gibbon in March of 2011. He was the host of a National Geographic Show that I was cast on. I found Piers to be a gentleman and a sweetheart. During the taping of the film, we found time to sing. I must say, Piers has a superb speaking and singing voice. He sings with perfect pitch and diction. I have a dream that one day Piers will perform a one man theater show which would allow him to sing a song. Lol! Anyway, while filming, Piers was also my knight and shining armor when he saved me from what appeared to be an eight-legged creature. Piers Gibbon hosted “Jungle Trip” for Channel 4 and “The Tasting History” series for ITV. His first hosting job for National Geographic was “Headshrinkers of the Amazon”, then “Dining With Cannibals.” Next is the four part series “The Witch Doctor Will See You Now.” I would like to introduce my new friend and UK based Television Host, Piers Gibbon.

Piers Gibbon
Education: Oxford Graduate, 1988
Occupation: TV host, Conference Host, and Voiceover
Type of Business: Freelance
Number of Years in Occupation: 23 years

(Judith) What is your marital status? Do you have children?

(Piers) Never married and no children!

(Judith) During your early years as a man, what were your goals? In the early years, how did you plan to achieve your goals?

(Piers) I wanted to be an actor. Then I gradually realized that it was not what I was best at. I resisted for a long time!

(Judith) Did you face any hardships that tried to derail your goals? How did you handle the situation? What was your personal turning point?

(Piers) Yes, I ran out of money and it took me too long to realize I was in the wrong job. I had to have many many turning points before I got the hint. People kept saying that I might just enjoy NOT working from a script but using my own brain and my own words.

(Judith) As a man, what tools did you need to be successful?

(Piers) Quick wit, thick-skin, and a good antennae.

(Judith) What advice would you give to young men or other men in regard to achieving their goals (the secret to your success)?

(Piers) Care a little less about what people think of you…and get so good at public speaking you seek out opportunities to do so.

Decontaminate Before Devouring

Do you know someone who eats their fruits and vegetables without washing them first? Do you know someone who simply rinses their fruits and vegetables before eating them?

Fruits and vegetables grown today are sprayed with many different kinds of pesticides and other chemicals. Remember, pesticides are used to kill the pests that would try to destroy crops, but if fruits and vegetables are not cleaned properly, they can cause harmful effects to our bodies and ultimately to our overall health.

Veggie-wash is a great way to clean your produce without the use of harsh bleaches or chemicals. I like that the product smells like oranges when you spray it and it is powerful enough to clean pesticides off of the produce.

Who Knew What Jicama Could Do?

I have a confession to make. I am a complete bobble head! Six years ago, I went to my Acupuncturist (yes I enjoy acupuncture). I explained to her that I seem to hold water in my body for no apparent reason. I told her that I had taken a few water pills here and there, but they really did not solve my problem. She thoroughly analyzed my medical history and gave me a list of natural remedies. She said I need to eat more anti-inflammatory foods. She listed watermelon, another fruit and vegetable, and jicama (pronounced hi-ca-ma). I had taken a friend with me to the appointment and after we left my favorite acupuncturists’ office, my friend began to poke fun at the way the doctor kept saying jicama. I wish there was a button on here so that I could provide a voice-over so that you can hear how she pronounced the name. I must admit her pronunciation was funny, but not as funny as my complete ignorance and negligence in taking her very worthy advice.

So fast-forwarding up to last week, my sister tasted a friend at work’s salad. She asked her friend for a copy of the recipe because the salad was awesome. My sister’s friend gave her a copy of the salad recipe. My sister kept ranting and raving about how delicious it was, but I brushed it off thinking that she was exaggerating. On Saturday (9/24), my sister and I were in the grocery store. She said, “Ju we have to make this salad this weekend, you just have to taste it!” I reluctantly grabbed the grocery list, while in a fresh organic market, and I began to gather the ingredients for this salad. I arrived in the vegetable aisles and was amazed and quite embarrassed by the fact that I could not find the jicama item that was on my list. In fact, I had no clue what it looked like. I can further add insult to injury by admitting that I did not know if it was a fruit or a vegetable. How sad! Anyway, there was a produce worker in the vegetable section, but my pride would not allow me to ask him for help. I was determined to find this jicama thing if it was the last thing that I did. Finally, right before I was about to give up, I saw the jicama sign. They were located right next to the potatoes.

From Sunday (9/25) until the present, I have been eating the jicama salad that we made. It is delicious. Can I tell you that jicama, which is a vegetable, taste like watermelon and an unsweetened apple? Well, it does! I think I should also add that in the five days that I have been eating the jicama, I have lost five pounds. Yep, I said it, five pounds (big smile). So, I am sounding the alert bell because I have found a vegetable winner.

Jicama History
Jicama is in the potato family (CDC, 2011). It is a popular food item in Latin America and is widely grown in Mexico and Central America (CDC, 2011). Jicama is also called by the following names: The Mexican potato, Mexican yam bean, ahipa, saa got, Chinese turnip, lo bok, and the Chinese potato. The jicama vegetable looks like a turnip. It is available all year long (CDC, 2011).

Jicama is high in Vitamin C and fiber and has no fat in it (CDC, 2011). A half cup of raw jicama would only amount to about 25 calories (CDC, 2011). When buying jicama choose ones that are firm and have dry roots (CDC, 2011). Also, make sure that the skin of the jicama has not been bruised or blemished in any way (CDC, 2011). Jicama will stay fresh for up to two weeks in a plastic bag in the refrigerator (CDC, 2011).


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2011). Vegetable of the month: Root vegetables. Retrieved from

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