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Interview With Michael Wudyka~Entreprenuer

I have a very special treat for the young men this week. Earlier this year, I was cast as one of the stars of a National Geographic Film that is set to air on the Nat Geo Channel in early November 2011 during Expedition Week. During this film, I met my co-star Michael. He was my knight and shining armor while we were filming because he saved me from bug bites, gave me life saving advice about staying alive in the jungle river, he fixed our hut door that would not close, and probably more things that I am neglecting to mention. Lol! For nearly two weeks, I had the opportunity to speak with and laugh with Michael. He has a great personality, he loves to have fun, he is self-motivated, a hard worker, a great father, and an entrepreneur. I found him to be a fascinating man! When he agreed to do this week’s blog interview, I was ecstatic and when you read his story, I am certain that you will be too. Enjoy!

Michael Wudyka
Occupation: Hotel Owner, Movie Studio Owner, and Television Station Owner
Types of business: Hospitality/Travel & Entertainment Businesses
Number of Years in Occupation: Hotel Industry-12 years, Entertainment Business-6 months

(Judith) What is your marital status? Do you have children? How has your role as a father affected your career?

(Michael) I am single. I have two sons Tucker and Wyatt. My role as a father has completely driven my careers. I built my businesses around being a full-time Dad.

(Judith) During your early years as a young man, what were your goals? In the early years, how did you plan to achieve your goals?

(Michael) As a young man, my goal was to be able to be in a better environment than where I lived. I grew up in a poor inner-city Detroit environment. At that time we were on food stamps, but both my parents worked really hard. I grew up in a low-income area and that’s all I knew. I thought that if I ever got a home worth $100,000.00, I would have made it.

I had a strong work ethic and I did not have much fear when it came to trying new businesses or taking risks. I had twenty to thirty different careers since I was fourteen years old. For example, I worked as a direct mail advertiser, I worked in life insurance, I was a commodities trader, I worked at a radio station, I had a restaurant, a construction company, a lumber yard, and internet companies.

(Judith) Did you face any hardships that tried to derail your goals? How did you handle the situation?

(Michael) When I was young, my Mom passed away and I was really impacted because she was a big influence on my life. Then, my Grandfather who I was closed to, passed away. My Grandfather only had a second grade education, he could not read or write, but he was a big part of explaining life to me. I lost my Mom and Grandfather by age nineteen. My father never graduated high school. I attended my first year of college, but did not finish.

“In my family, we were laborers or workers, college was never discussed. You just finished high school and then you went to work.”

When I was nineteen years old, I was sued by the National Labor Relations Board for $300,000.00 for back wages and it took me until I was thirty to pay it off. At the time, I was doing a construction job for a major city. There were things going on that I was not aware of and not necessarily responsible for, but I was left paying for a debt that really was not mine.

(Judith) If you could say anything to your sons about how they have impacted your life what would it be? What advice would you give to your sons about being successful personally, professionally, and spiritually?


“My sons give me meaning over and above any job I have ever had or any money I have ever made. They are my biggest accomplishment. I built my life around my children, so they made me who I am today.”

I think education through whatever form is very important. Being a man of your word is by far the most important thing. Your word is your bond, no contracts needed. Spiritually, I believe that there is a higher power or something of a greater good above anything we may accomplish on our own. There is a greater good that is bigger than an extra dollar in the bank.

(Judith) What advice would you give to young men in regard to achieving their goals (the secret(s) to your success)?

(Michael) 1. Education is important. You can learn from everything anywhere. Continue to learn about what you are doing. Find out everything there is to know about what you do. Become a student of process. Understand how things work. For example, if you flip burgers, then understand where the meat comes from, how much inventory comes in, and everything else that has to do with that burger and the processes that the burger has to go through.

2. Having a positive attitude is also high on the list.

3. Have common courtesy and respect when you do business or anything else in life. Social graces are important.

4. Have a strong work ethic.

Avoiding Airplane Viruses

A few months ago, I flew on a airplane. As soon as I returned home, I was so completely overcome by flu viruses, I could not leave my bed. I went to my doctor, an endocrinologist, and she immediately put me on a vitamin drip (IV with 23 vitamins and lots of vitamin C). Within two days, I was doing fine. While hooked up to my IV, I met another patient. I told her that I had just returned from a trip and I caught a virus on a plane. She gave me information that has changed my travel life and I am going to pass this information on to you. She told me to buy the above pictured item and put a little bit in each nostril before getting on a plane. Remember, humans can contract viruses by breathing them in through the nostrils. When our nostrils are dry, like they become when we fly on a airplane, we become more susceptible to viruses. Well, a few months later I took a trip to South America, I used a little Bacitracin in each nostril and I did not get any flu viruses from the airplane. This stuff really works!

This product can be purchased from Walgreens or any other drug store for around $6.00.

You Can Make It!!

Dear Young Ladies:

I have truly missed writing to you all. I apologize for missing a few weeks, but with the holiday and with the start of a new quarter in school, I fell behind.

This week, I just wanted to encourage you all to continue to pursue your dreams and goals. I know that you may be facing obstacles, feeling discouraged, or even feeling like you cannot reach your goal. I am here to tell you that YOU CAN MAKE IT! YOU CAN SUCCEED! I believe that when circumstances come into our lives to derail our goals and dreams, these circumstances can push us into being our greatest selves as long as we REFUSE to quit. Remember, difficult times are only temporary. Things will be good again, you will reach your goal, so get back up and try again.

I love you all and remember that I am praying for your happiness and success.

Cellphones: Is that call worth dying for?

I really do not like to use my blog to promote the negative things in life, like pet peeves, but today I have no choice. I am fed up with people who refuse to use their cell phones when it is safe to do so. As a former auto insurance professional for ten years, I thought it was time for me to speak on the cell phone use while driving epidemic that has struck our nation.

First off, my question is, what did we do prior to cell phones? I know. We waited to return calls when we got to our home or office. It’s bad enough that people read books, read newspapers, apply make-up, eat, drink, and a few days ago I saw a driver watching a movie in his mini-van while driving…and I might add it was an X-rated film that I could easily see through his window. A mess!!! Enough is enough!

As a former auto insurance professional I have seen terrible photos of car accidents that happened because a driver was inattentive and using their cell phone while driving. Please remember that the second that it takes to look away from the road, answer a phone call, or at worst text someone, remember you could be doing those things for the very last time. Not only do you jeopardize your life, but the lives of others. Lastly, I can tell you that the cost associated with destroying someone else’s property is high, but if you are found to be the cause of an accident that takes a life, you should know that your financial life and your way of life could be threatened.

In these tough economic times, please think before using your cell phone as there are other lives to consider (Yelling for help: O.k. guys can someone come and help me get down off of my soapbox…lol).

Please leave a comment and weigh in on the issue of texting and cell phone use while driving.

Sleep To Learn

Having great sleep habits provides many health benefits. Sleep helps our bodies repair, relax, and rejuvenate. We all know that we need sleep, but with our busy lifestyles, most people report that they do not sleep enough.
Needless to say, I “BELIEVE” in getting plenty of sleep and taking plenty of naps. I love napping because it keeps me looking youthful, or so I think (laughing).

Have you ever wondered why it is difficult for you to remember things or learn new concepts? Maybe you, like most modern people, need more sleep? A recent study suggests that when learning new information, one should take time to get some sleep, even if you take a short nap. Sleeping after learning some type of information causes the memory of the material being learned, to be become cemented in the mind.

Leave a comment and tell me how much sleep you get per night? How important is sleep in your life and to your health?


Alger, S.E., Lau, H., Fishbein, W. (2010). Delayed onset of a daytime nap facilitates retention of declarative memory. PLos One, 8(8), pp.e12131.

Interview with Progressive Hip-Hop Artist Yoash Victorious

I had the pleasure of interviewing a Progressive Hip-Hop Artist by the name of Yoash Victorious. He is based out of Atlanta, but with his drive and determination, I am sure that he we will hear great things from him in the future.

Artist’s Name: Yoash Victorious
Occupation: Record Producer, Progressive Hip-Hop Artist, & Song Producer
Age: Early 20s
Number of Years in Occupation: 12 years

(Judith) I have a burning question for you, what does your first name Yoash Victorious mean?
(YV) Yoash is Hebrew for God is strong. Victorious is my legal middle name.

So, I combined the two names because………… “even in my darkest hour, I am victorious!”

(Judith) Are you married? If not, do you want a relationship someday? What qualities are you looking for in a mate?
(YV) I desire to be married. I believe that a marital relationship is an elevation. I want to be married once it’s time for me to make that elevation and once I am more stable. I want a mate that is humble, firm, and I want her to understand the difference between equality and sameness. Although a woman and a man are equal, they each have different roles. I want her to be cute.

(Judith) So, now that we know what you are looking for in a mate, what can a woman expect from you as a mate to her?
(YV) I would bring a certain amount of stability in spirit. I bring the stability of knowing what I want to do with my life. I want to be a musician and get my message out to the world. I want to support my family through my work. I am also a good cook. I was a vegan chef for about five (5) years. I worked at The Soul Vegetarian chain of restaurants in Atlanta, DC, Maryland and Televiv Israel.

(Judith) During your early years as a boy or teenager, what were your goals? In the early years, how did you plan to achieve your goals?
(YV) My initial goal was to master the piano. By age 12 or 13, I achieved a level of mastery of the piano. My second goal was to master the amount of instruments necessary to become a conductor. I wanted to conduct symphony orchestras. Later on, I moved on to digital music production around 16 years old. After I began producing music, my goal was to create progressive music and become an artist. I wanted to do a type of music that would attract a wider audience. I also wanted to create positive messages in my music.

(Judith) Did you face any hardships that tried to derail your goals? How did you handle the situation?
(YV) Yes, I did face hardships that tried to derail my goals. In 2006 I wanted to go to Israel to produce a compilation album with other young artist. I did not come from a wealthy family so it was hard for me to achieve my goal. Initially, there was a problem in getting the money to go to Israel.

“I think that if you are going on the right path God will provide.”

I worked at a restaurant for a few months to get the money for the trip. For me it was divine intervention because I had friends in Israel that were able to help me achieve my goal of going to Israel. In 2006, I went to Israel to produce a compilation album of young artist. We had a positive music concert for the New World Passover Celebration in May. This event happens every year in Dimona, Israel. My ultimate goal was to produce the record and influence my peer group to provide positive music.

(Judith) As a young man, what tools do/did you need to be successful?
(YV) The tool that I needed to be successful is consistency. I had to be disciplined and consistent in everything that I did. Having a good reputation is like a credit score. Being consistent is the key. Secondly, being teachable is important. I think, you should be able to learn from your surroundings. Take what you need and leave the rest, you can learn from everything. Humility is also important. My mentor taught me that humility proceeds honor. Humility is not a weak stance to take. I have gotten business relationships because of my humility. When I work with people in the industry that are older than me I have humility and I do not come from a place of arrogance. I have general strength and character. I think that ALL young men should understand these principles. These rules may not apply to every situation and with all people, but consistency and responsibility are important all around.

(Judith) What distinguishes you from other progressive Hip-Hop Artists today?
(YV) I am different from main stream artists because I include the elements of my own production that are unique. Genre specifically, I do conscience and progressive Hip-Hop music. The concepts and messages embedded in my music are not as straight forward, they do not attack anyone. I am not trying to push an idea or mindset onto anyone. I put concepts and messages into my music along with swag. When you first hear my music you will enjoy the beat and dance to it. I use a drummer in my shows and I have a live show that keeps people coming back to see me.

“Fans have come to me saying they enjoyed my music and did not notice that I do not curse or defame women.”

(Judith) So what’s next for you?
(YV) My mix tape dropped on Sept 2nd, 2011. It is called “The Blood, Sweat, & Tears Chronicles.” It’s available for purchase on and Digital downloads cost $3.50 and physical CDs cost $5.00, plus shipping and handling.

A Clean Desk = A Healthy Work Environment

Have you ever started a new job, been escorted to your new desk, and wondered who the pig was who worked there before you? Lol! Trust me I know the feeling. If you are like me, I usually thoroughly clean a desk when I begin a new job.

Since I am always interested in promoting public health topics on my site, I want to know if you all clean your desks at work? How often do you clean your desk at work? After you have contracted the flu and returned to work, do you sanitize your desk?

I think my drift about microbes and germs sitting on our desks is pretty clear, right? When we have been sick we should definitely clean our desks to make sure that the microbes are removed otherwise we could run the risk of letting the virus or germs linger. We should also keep our desks clean as a preventive measure against germs and dirt.

Happy Labor Day!

TVI:JWJ is wishing everyone a safe and happy “Labor Day Weekend.” Please have fun and enjoy family and friends!

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