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Butter or Margarine?

I realized the other day that I have not touched margarine since 2007. In 2007, I had high blood pressure, but I was determined to get off the prescription drugs. One year later, I had cut out margarine completely and only used a little non-salted butter when needed. The result was a clean bill of health and no high blood pressure. I was amazed!

So, which do you all prefer butter or margarine?

Leave a comment and let’s discuss it!

My Health Journey #7

I have not written in my personal health diary here online in a while. I have been discouraged about my weight loss efforts. Due to recent uncontrollable events, I have not been able to purchase the support items that I use for weight-loss. This mere fact alone, sent me into an ugly discouragement that I recently emerged from.

“I feel like I am in the fight of my life!”

I am in an “all out” fight with my body to make it conform and align with the healthy habits that I am cognitively aware of, but I have found that I absolutely need my support items to do that. When I was a kid, my parents did not focus on outer beauty but inner beauty was an absolute MUST. When I was a kid and my Mommy saw me in the mirror too long, she would say, “We are not vain.” This one statement became a prominent thought and ideology in my belief system, but almost to my own detriment.

As an adult, I have learned things that I was not aware of as a child. I learned that in order to house my beautiful spirit (internal self), I need to take good care of my body (external self). In the Bible, I Corinthians 6:19 says, “…don’t you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you which ye have of God, and you are not your own?” I studied this scripture many times as a child, but I just had not made the connection that taking care of your body meant eating right, exercising, reducing and relieving stress, loving, caring, and sharing. Who knew? As an adult, I sometimes feel as if I have been born again, because I have a better understanding of childhood lessons. Some of you have asked me about why I refer to scriptures in my blog writings. The answer is simple, this blog is a reflection of me and my experiences. In my experience, I am a 3-4 or even farther back generation Christian. My Daddy was a preacher and my Mommy a missionary so the church was a regular part of my daily life, not just a place I went to on Sunday. So, if when you read my blog sometimes you feel preached to, please believe that I am speaking to you from my own experience only.

I am continuing to fight this weight-loss battle with the best weaponry that I have at my disposal right now. Leave a comment if you have a goal that you are trying to reach, but you are growing weary, perhaps we can encourage one another.


Dear Young Ladies & Gentlemen:

I hope that you all are doing well this week. These days you and your parents may be facing difficult times, so I just wanted to encourage you in hopes that you can encourage your family.

I created an acronym just for you all, it is called P.U.S.H. PUSH stands for performing under strong hampering. In essence I am simply asking you to persevere through any hard times. You will be fine. Life sometimes changes, but all situations have a remedy.

Remember that I love you and I am always praying for you. Don’t forget to share the encouragement (smiling).

Financial Priorities

Hi Young Ladies and Gentleman:

I have missed writing you all. I hope that you all are maximizing your summer by having fun and improving your reading, writing, and math skills so that when you return to school you will be ready for your new challenges.

The topic of financial priorities is a term that you all need to become familar with as your entire life will be associated with costs and prices. It is important to know when it is a good time to buy or not buy something. Do you agree? If not, that’s o.k. but let me explain my point.

Ok, young ladies, when you have money do you use your money to buy clothes, purses, shoes, shade glasses, or get your hair done? Yes, right? Ok, now do you always have the money to afford these items. You know if you can afford something if, after you buy the item you want, you still have money left to buy what you need. Does that make sense? Here’s my point, try to understand when you should spend your money and on what items you should spend your money. As a kid, I saved the money that I earned and spent my allowances. Back then my allowance was MUCH less than what I earned, get the point?

Now fellas, don’t think that I forgot you. Lol! Have you ever wanted a video game, X-box, skateboard, bike, Nike Jordans, etc? Have you ever wanted these items but needed something more important like…..eye glasses, braces, clothes for school, etc. If so, you are not alone. This happens. Please understand that it is ok if you have to prioritize financially. In fact, unless you are very wealthy, you will be making these kinds of decisions throughout your life.

In closing, just know that you can make the right decisions. The important thing is to be grateful for what you have because there is always someone who may not be as fortunate as you are. I know this for a fact because while on a trip to Peru, most of the children did not have shoes, running water, school buildings, grocery stores, etc. Also, financial prioritizing shows maturity because it shows that you understand the value of a dollar and that you spend wisely.

Judith’s Dose #2 ~ Transcend

Have you ever been in such a jam or a mess for a long period of time that it almost seems like the situation will never change? I have and I can attest to the fact that N-O-T-H-I-N-G in this life stays the same. All things whether good or bad will change. So for those who are feeling discouraged, depressed, down trodden, or like you are at the end of your rope, please take courage and hold on because LIFE will be good again. The sorrow you feel now will be replaced with joy that you could never have imagined.

Sometimes you have to turn off or stop listening to your f-e-e-l-i-n-g-s. Feelings should not be relied on for making life’s decisions, but feelings should be used as simply a barometer of how you feel…that’s all they are meant to gauge. Feelings are like the gas gauge on a car, they just tell you how much gas you have, not where to buy the gas or how much to pay for the gas. So if being over-emotional is a part of your problem then stop being over-emotional and take control over how you feel by changing how you speak about the problem and how much time and attention you give to a situation. Positive things happen when we “speak” positive things despite how the situation may look. When problems are bigger than you, just let go of them. If you believe in God, then give God the problem, ask Him for guidance, then step back and give Him the opportunity to work.

If life is rough right now, then simply T-R-A-N-S-C-E-N-D the situation. Transcend means to be greater, better, or stronger than something (Merriam-Webster, 2005). Come on we can transcend together!

Have a great day and encourage someone in your circle of influence, you never know who may need it!


*******WARNING******HATERS BEWARE******WARNING****************

Dear Dawkins & Dawkins,

I am extremely elated that you two are back in full effect. I am a “preacher’s kid” and my entire family has been heavily involved in church for many generations. With that being said, in my father’s house there was no “blues” which is what he called secular music. So growing up, I was a fan of Andrae Crouch, Rance Allen, Carman, Leon Patillo, The Clark Sister, Commissioned, The Winans, Shirley Ceasar, Truthettes, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Vicki Winans, James Cleveland, Nancy Harmon, Tim Minor, Be Be & Ce Ce Winans, Deleon Richards, and Tramaine Hawkins. No need to feel sorry for me because when I did hear secular music I remembered the melody if I liked it. Listening to these Gospel Artists helped me to understand who God was and why He deserved my praise. As I grew, I too began to sing like the singers that I heard.

Since gospel music was the only music allowed, my friends and I were elated when young artists began to emerge in the late 1980s and 1990s, like: Commissioned, Fred Hammond, Marvin Sapp and you, …..the vocal acrobats….. Dawkins and Dawkins. Can I just say that you two should be in my imaginary “Vocal Hall of Fame?” If I were introducing you both in my “Vocal Hall of Fame Show”, I would bring you out as the world’s best and undisputed “male vocal acrobatic champions.” Like the 5th track of your new album, “I’m Just Saying!”

I admit I have been living under rock as I missed the debut of your album on July 26, 2011, please forgive me and know that I NOW have my mind right. I wrote this letter to thank you for your new album entitled, “From Now On.” I have been a fan since your career began, but I am hoping that my letter will introduce a new generation of fans to your talent. For those who have never heard of you before, I sincerely hope that they give this album a listen on Itunes and then purchase it IMMEDIATELY. This album brought back the nostalgia of my youth and your previous albums: Dawkins & Dawkins (1996) and Focus (1998). I’m listening to your new album right now and I am grooving SO HARD, I have no idea, what I am writing, I just hope this letter/blog makes sense.

Yall boyz right heeeeerrrrrrreeee are the truth (high-pitched voice with a country drawl- in the voice of Temar from The Braxton Family Values)!!!

In closing, I have only one contention with you Dawkins Boyz in regard to this album. Well, I want to know why I was NOT consulted about the title of your album. I have an album title although it’s quite un-original. Will you please let me tell you what it is? It is H-E-A-R-T & S-O-U-L! I would call it heart and soul because that is what the both of you put into this album. Now this is how ALL artists should present their music whether there has been a 13 month gap since their last album or a 13 year gap like yours was.

Keep up the FANTASTIC WORK and like the name of your 13th track, I’ll be “Praying 4 You.”

P.S. To JWJ Readers Only:
I heard that there have been a few issues with the CD being available at some retailers, if that is the case, don’t waste time, just buy it on Itunes. Believe me, everyday you go without this album in your life, you are losing. I love yall like lemon cream cheese pie!!

Grateful Heart,

Journey With Judith Owner


Lately, I have been finding inspiration in the most unlikely places. It’s so weird!

I was wondering, where are you all finding inspiration these days?

Leave a comment and share your inspirational people, places, or things.

Thousand Oaks Fish & Chips

I rarely do this, but I had to post a picture of my favorite fish place. It’s called Thousand Oaks Fish & Chips located at 3825 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd, Suite H, Westlake Village, CA 91362.

I love this place! I rarely eat fried foods but when I do venture off the path, this place is the only place I will eat. The items that I like here are: clam chowder, cole slaw, and fish.

The fish is fresh, the service is friendly, and the ambiance reminds me of a fish eatery in New England. During my last visit, the owner himself served me. Go figure! I really love this place! If you are ever in the neighborhood stop by!!!

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