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Happy Memorial Day 2011

Hello JWJ Readers:

Please have a safe and fun “Memorial Day.” Let’s remember those who are in the armed forces who serve and protect our country. Also, please do NOT drink and drive. Enjoy family, friends, your pets, or a day of solace. Until next time…..

How To Create A Great Blog

I have received numerous comments from people who ask me how did I create this blog. Some people believe me to be an expert on creating a great blog so I have decided to address these comments.

First off, I had an idea to create a blog that was a positive blog that would promote healthy living and positive ideas as I felt that many blogs are used to tear down others. I felt that the blogs that were designed to tear down others were abundant, so I did not need to put myself into that category. Lol!

Next, I kept praying and asking God to help me develop the kind of content that I wanted. I wanted to affect change in my own society. I wanted to talk about the change in moral values that I have witnessed throughout my lifetime. After simply watching television and observing my own environment in the community, I decided that I MUST have blogs that teach young people how to be respectful and successful. I also felt that it was important to share who I am as a person and to express my own life’s journey.

I wanted the design of the blog to fit my favorite things. For me, water is one of my favorite things. My other favorite thing is solitude. I really enjoy moments alone. In terms of water, I adore the properties of water as these properties of water fascinate me. What do I mean by properties of water? Well, water can be boiled, be frozen, can stand still, can be free moving, and can move rapidly or harshly. Water, to me, is the essence of life, as we need to drink water in order to sustain life and we use it to cleanse ourselves. In terms of design, I knew that my blog design needed to include my great love of water so we added that element.

The next piece of the puzzle that God and I decided on, was to include blogs about my personal struggles and how I plan or am trying to combat them.

Last but not least, I spoke to a few friends who told me to be sure to include the things that are unique about me. I didn’t have to think hard about this because as soon as they asked me what was unique about me the bells just went off in my head. At the time, I was unique because I was a thirty-six year old virgin. Two years later, I am still on my journey as a thirty-eight year old virgin. The last premise of the blog was to share my journey as a virgin in hopes that other young girls or guys will NOT feel pressured to have sex. I was very compelled to share my story as television and our society today promotes that sex is without consequence. The idea of sex not having a consequence is so untrue. Young people need to know that having sex that you are not ready for can damage you emotionally, physically, spiritually, you can become pregnant, or contract a disease. Also, television shows and movies often portray love as if it is a drug that you get high off but love is a very stable long-lasting entity if entered into correctly. My goal for “The Virgin’s Island: Journey With Judith” is always to educate and empower. I think when you leave that kind of impact on anything that you touch, it will succeed.

I hope that I have answered your comments about creating a great blog. Please leave a comment if you feel moved to do so.

Be Grateful

Dear Young Ladies and Young Men:

I am so sorry that I have not written you all in a while but I have been swamped.

This week as I was thinking about what to say to you, I remembered a few incidents that I have witnessed in the past decade and I decided to write about them.

Do you ever want the latest ipod, x-box, or cell phone? Do you ever think about the sacrifices that your parent (s) have to make in order to give you those things? For you young people who live in America there have been many job and home losses due to the economy. That means that your parents have to make sacrifices about how to afford where you live, what you drive, what you eat, and what you wear. For those outside of America, I think that the rest of the world does not rely so heavily on the accumulation of “things” but they understand that family and good health are important.

Well, I just want to remind you that your parent (s) love you and they do want to shower you with the best things because they want you to be happy. Even though they want you to be happy they still need to be able to take care of basic household needs so learn to be grateful for what you have. I also think it is important for you to be sensitive to the environment in your household and know when there is pressure or things that your parents may not be telling you about the finances of the household. Sometimes parents do not want to burden you with the “adult” problems, but you can be a helpful young person if you thank your parents for all that they do, try to help out around the house without being asked, and learn to be grateful for what you have without always asking for more. When you develop these skills believe me your parents will remember your efforts and you will be rewarded.

I wish all of you young ladies and gentleman a successful week! Continue to strive for excellence and learn to be “grateful.”

Please feel free to leave a comment.

My Health Journey #6: Oh Dear I’ve Plateaud!

I am a bit bummed because my body has plateaud at the same weight for about three months. I lost five pounds about three months ago but as my doctor works to balance my underactive thyroid my body seems to want to remain in the same place. Geez Louise! Although I am a little upset by this, I take joy in the fact that I have not gained any weight which is a good sign that I am on the right track.

I would be remiss if I wrote this blog and caused you to believe that I have been eating great because I have not. I am a full-time graduate student and I was laid off from my job about nine months ago so my diet has not been the greatest due to these factors. In fact, I had a complete sugar relapse. For 2-3 months I cut out sugar, flour, and dairy. I must admit that I did feel better but when stress came knocking at my door I answered again like a fool. Sugar is not my friend! Today, I am once again taking the reins of my life and slamming the door on sugar. This is difficult for me, but I am determined. For those of you who think that cutting sugar out of your diet is easy, think again. Sugar is in just about everything we eat and drink that is already processed. Eating fresh is difficult when you are out of work. I usually shop at organic stores but right now, not so much. Every time I cut out sugar my diet becomes very very limited. I don’t drink sodas because of the high fructose corn syrup that is worse than sugar. Soda is one of the main reasons that diabetes cases are increasing in America and in the world. Anyway, I have to break this sugar cycle and addiction so I am going to seek any and all free help that I can find.

In regard to exercising, I workout a minimum of three times per week. I now wear an exercise vest when I walk and I love it. I figured I should add a little resistance to my workout as this may help break my plateau once I get off the sugar kick. God help me!! It usually takes 72 hours to get sugar out of my system, so I will let you know when I have reached this goal.

If you have a personal health struggle or goal, please feel free to share. Let’s encourage one another! Please feel free to leave a comment.

Asthma Awareness Month

Asthma is a chronic disease that affects twenty five million Americans. Asthma has been an issue that I have dealt with for most of my life. I find that the smog from being a city dweller, paints, carpet, pollen, pet dander, and other environmental factors are often triggers for an acute asthma attack.

I am so glad that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has named the Month of May as “National Asthma Awareness Month.” For more information on how to prevent attacks or reduce asthma symptoms, feel free to check out the CDC web site using the reference.


American Public Health Association (2011, May/June). May is asthma awareness month. The Nation’s Health, p.12

Center for Disease Control (2011). Retrieved from


Well, I am two weeks away from finishing my Spring 2011 quarter. There is no need to rejoice for me as I will begin another quarter one week after this one ends. Lol! Right now, I am gearing up to write a 15 page paper with title page, reference, appendices, tables of contents, and abstract. I cannot explain how tired I really am, but I MUST find the strength someway….somehow.

I am asking my readers to have fun for me as I embark on this educational feat (smiling).

Nasal Spray: Tis the Season

Spring has come in with a vengeance. Yes, Spring is beautiful, but there is pollen everywhere. I went to the store the other day and everyone was sneezing with an open mouth, very few people even bothered to cover their mouths and noses. Yuck!! I am using nasal spray twice a day as viruses and sinuses are prone to happen when I allow my nostrils to dry out. By allowing the nasal passages to dry out, I would be putting myself at risk for the flu, allergies, viruses, etc. I refuse to get sick so, I use this wonderful remedy along with a natural allergy tablet from a natural food store. Well, that’s my two cents on health for the week.

Please leave a comment if you start using the nasal spray.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today I pay homage to all of the women who have impacted my life dating back through the generations. I descend from women who were beautiful, dignified, elegant, enduring, graceful, intelligent, resilient, relentless, sweet, talented, and wise. I appreciate all of them for making me who I am today as I pull strength from all of them daily. To my mother Harriet, I miss your very essence. You always seemed to know what I was thinking when I never even uttered a word. I love you!

For every woman who works tirelessly to support and care for their children and their parents, I applaud you today. I know that it is sometimes difficult for caretakers (mothers) to stop thinking about other people, but today I hope that you will take the time to focus and rejuvenate yourselves, not just today, but at least one day out of every week. Please take time to smell “your” flowers because they are flowers that you earned and certainly deserve.

A New Journey Begins

Have you ever had someone say something to you that stayed with you for a day, a week, or a month? Have you ever wondered why their words may have impacted you so much? Have your ever found it hard to shake the concept, phrase, or word(s) that they mentioned to you. If so, great! That means that I am in good company.

It’s been about a month-in-a-half since I returned from my South American trip. During the trip, I was around large bodies of water. As a kid, I loved to go to the beach and jump waves. I also loved to get into the pool and kick. Due to my childhood asthma I did not complete my swimming lessons. While on my latest South American trip, one of my fellow travelers took the time to explain to me what I should do if I found myself in the water unexpectedly. He said, “Get on your back so that I can save you. If you are face down it makes it too hard and you could drown us both.” At first, I laughed because I thought to myself, “If I don’t know how to swim, how in the world am I supposed to get onto my back?” My travel companion then looked me in the face and said, “No, I’m serious!” At that moment I started to think about methods I could use to flip over onto my back if I was in the water against my will.

Since returning from South America, I have found that I have been bothered by things and people who had not bothered me before. I noticed that I feel like I have outgrown the life that I have created for myself. I have noticed that in this life that I have created, I have tried to save things and people that were figuratively drowning. These figurative people and things have almost drowned me when I jumped in to save them, but after returning from this trip, I realize that I have done the best that I can do and I must step away from the danger zones in my life and save myself or at least allow myself to be saved. Amazing! It took me 38 years to figure out that I need to save myself and stop worrying about saving everyone else that I can (big exhale).

How can someone say something to me that stuck with me in this way? How can this advice strike such a deep nerve that it solves problems that I have been trying to fix my whole life. Wow! I love it when I have an epiphany!

I am sorry if this makes no sense to my readers, but I had to write this article as a part of my journey…..that’s why the website is called “Journey With Judith.” Lol!

True Relationship With God = Spiritual Peace

I promise you that this equations works.  I have lived it.  I had a very difficult life.  I have been sick for years and I have cared for sick parents as the youngest of four children.  I have pursued and successfully completed advanced degrees with more than just the deck stacked against me.  In those times, the only source that I had was God and He helped me through…..I am soooo grateful.

We all are hearing the reports of violent murders everyday on the news.  We are hearing about children being killed, our government leaders being threatened, we are constantly on the look out for terrorism since the events of 9/11. 

Our culture creates a great sense of fear.  I have learned not to watch the news, especially before bed as bad news before bed is a recipe for disaster as it makes its way into my subconscious mind.  In the morning and at night, I read the Bible, pray for others, ask God for Wisdom and guidance, and I ask God to help me to be a blessing to someone that I come into contact with for the day.  By following this spiritual recipe, I have peace.  I enjoy my peace and I appreciate my peace.  Does anyone else want to have peace?  Join me!

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