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One of my readers asked a question that I thought I should answer.  The question was, why don’t you have a boyfriend or a man in your life?  My answer is simple.  Some of the men that I have met are well-educated, well-spoken, they have great personalities, they enjoy my company and I enjoy their company.  The problem was, when it was time to possibly move to the next level I did not feel like they loved me the way that I needed to be loved.

I am not the kind of person who can live with just any type of love.  I know exactly how I want to be loved.  I have a “love expectation”.  I think that I need to be true to my love expectation because if I am not true to it, I would simply be cheating myself.  If a man is interested in loving me he would need to find out what makes me feel loved. For example, I have met several men who try to do the same things for me that they may have done for old girlfriends or wives, but that method does not work for me.  Loving me, means that the guy has to listen to me and pay attention to the things that I have to say.  In doing so, he will reap a great harvest because I will give him the same courtesy.

Does anyone understand my point?  Call me crazy, but I choose to wait until my “love expectation” is met. Lol!!!

Cell Food Product


The cell food product that I am taking is absolutely superb!  It helps me to relieve excess water and waste.  I love it.

I’m Still Hurting, But I See Results!


I worked out again this week with my trainer.  I have one word, “Yikes!”  She increased my weights this week and I was sore for 4 days.  I already see the results but the workout seems to be the most intense workout that I have ever done.  The weird part is, I play tennis and go to the gym regularly, but nothing has given me the incredible results that my trainer, weight training, and Ellen’s new exercise equipment has done in such a short time.  Pain is gain, right?  Lol!



I have a Biostatistics Class this summer.  Ugh!  This class is difficult to the say the least.  I am a little annoyed with it, but I am determined to finish this class successfully.

Be a Leader and Not a Follower!


Dear Young Ladies:

My cousin, who just graduated from high school, suggested that I write a blog about peer pressure. Thanks Jovanna!

When I was in junior high and high school I remember that I had a friend who smoked.  She tried to influence me to smoke but I had asthma so that really was not a temptation for me.  Also, many friends wanted me to party with them but they were always getting into trouble.  I was raised as a Preacher’s Kid so I was not able to do things that other kids could do.  After a while, I had no desire to do what the other kids did.  If you are experiencing peer pressure my best advice would be to ALWAYS BE YOUR OWN PERSON.

Usually, friends or acquaintances who try to influence you to do bad things or things that you do not really want to do, those people usually do not know who they are. They may try to influence you to do things because they do not have the courage to do those things alone.

They feel that if you do it too they will feel better about their faulty decision.  I hope that you young ladies will be the leaders in your group of friends.  I hope that you spend your time doing positive things and allowing yourself to be influenced by positive people and things.  I know it is difficult for you but people will only respect you if you respect yourself and sometimes that means making decisions that other people do not like.

As always, remember that I love you and I am praying for you!

Professionals Are Hard To Find But It Is Not Impossible

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of working with three of the most awesome ladies.  The ladies were professional and they made me feel comfortable during a photo shoot that I had on last weekend.  I had a great hair stylist (Nina is working on a site), make-up artist, and photographer.  You ladies are superb!

If you live in the Los Angeles area and want quality work done, please feel free to contact these ladies.  I have included their contact links here on the site.

Photographer:  Qiana Nicole who can be contacted @

Make-up Artist: Shelia can be contacted @

The Power of a Positive Attitude


Dear Young Ladies:

I hope that all is going well.  This week I want you to think positively.  No matter what happens please do not allow negative people or negative situations to change your positive attitude.  For example, when I was in college, I purchased a 1983 Honda Civic.  At the time it was 1994.  I was a student at U.C.L.A. and I lived in Palmdale, which was about 120 miles roundtrip per day.  The car would often breakdown as the route home was very mountainous and hard for an old car like mine.  When my car would break down I would become furious and say, “Really God, really!!  What do I have to do to get help?”  I said these things while enraged.  One day, after reading the Bible, the same incident occurred, this time I began to sing praises to God as I had no AAA roadside assistance and no one to call for help.  I sat by the side of the road and sang praises to God, then I prayed.  I spoke to the car and said, “No matter what, I am going home and you are going to get me there.”  The car started and the problem that was there disappeared allowing me to make it home.  This situation showed me that God does hear me but I have to maintain the right attitude. 

I hope that you all can gain some insight into your own lives from this post.  Life can be challenging but all situations that occur in life are simply temporary.  If you pray and keep a positive attitude you can make it through anything, believe me I have!

Virgin Escapades


Last week was extremely busy as I went to my first school residency towards receiving my Ph.D.  I really enjoyed meeting and networking with other students.  The mission of the school that I go to is that each student should strive to be an agent of “social change.”  I love that as a life mission.  I feel like these are words to live by.

I will share more about school as I am studying diligently to fulfill my life-long educational goal of obtaining my Ph.D. Go Walden!!!!

Cell Food Product


I am amazed by the Cell Food product.  I really love this product.  I am losing inches but furthermore the product allows me to eliminate waste at least twice a day.

I take a few drops of this product in my water in the mornings and I have increased energy and waste elimination.  I want to wait a few more weeks and I will give all of the product information. I feel great!!!

The product can be purchased at stores like Whole Foods or health food stores in the vitamin section. It costs about $30.00 per 1 fluid ounce but it is worth it because of its health benefits.

Oh Lord My Body Hurts!!


I started with my trainer again today after 3 months or so.  OMG!!!  Can someone help me!!!!  She worked me over today.  All of my clothes were drenched with sweat.  I was exhausted and did not feel like finishing, but I pushed through it and when it was over I felt fantastic.  My trainer (Ellen) is awesome!!  Thanks for “the pain” (small painful smile). Lol!

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